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Extended French Program

Extended French programs offer students who have completed three years of Core French (Grades 4 - 6) an opportunity to enter into a more intensive French program beginning in grade 7. Students entered in the Extended French program spend approximately 40% of their day in classes where the French language is the medium of instruction. All Extended French programs continue in secondary school. Students who complete a minimum of 8 credits are eligible for a certificate in Extended French.

The intent of the program is to produce graduates who:
1. Are approaching functional bilingualism;
2. Are conversant with the culture, society, customs, economy, government and institutions of French-speaking communities;
3. Can take further education with French as the language of instruction at a post- secondary level.
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Extended French Program

Admission Considerations

Benefits of Bilingualism

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Extended French Program

Students entering Grade 7 in the Extended French program will take 300 minutes of French language skills each week. Study of English language skills will be reduced to 200 minutes each week. All other subjects will be taught in English.
Students entering Grade 8 in the Extended French program will continue to take 300 minutes of French language skills each week, and, will receive instruction in History, Geography and Physical Education in French. All other subjects will be taught in English.
Certificate of Bilingualism
A certificate of bilingualism is awarded to students who obtain a minimum of 8 high school credits in extended French. Henry Hudson students who wish to continue in the Extended French program will attend Cedarbrae C.I. for their secondary school program.

Post-secondary Programs for Extended French Graduates

Graduates of Extended French programs can and do continue their studies at English-speaking post-secondary institutes. They are, however, also uniquely qualified to study in French at French-speaking institutions in Canada and abroad.

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Considerations for Admission

As per the TDSB's equity requirements, there are no longer admission tests for entry into the Extended French program. Therefore, it is encumbent on students and parents to make a sound decision about entering the program.
Students choosing to enter Extended French should be proficient in their Core French program, be very strong in their English program and have solid standings in other subject areas (in order to focus on French language acquisition and nightly review), and, have a personal desire to participate in the program fully.
Suggested minimum Core French marks should be Bs. Talk to your child's Core French Teacher to determine if the teacher feels that the child will achieve success in an immersed French program.
Suggested minimum English, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science marks should be Bs to As. Talk to your child's regular teacher to determine if the teacher feels that the child is strong in these subject areas. The work load in the Extended French program is quite high and may detract from applying extra time to these other subjects.
Students and parents must consider whether they are committed to the requirement of active participation in classes and nightly review of vocabulary and verbal and written practice of French. The single most accurate indicator of success in the Extended French program is the level of committment to participation and nightly review of French.
It is a serious decision to enter the Extended French program. Please make it wisely!

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