Standards for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Grade 5

Social and Ethical Issues

Students understand the ethical, cultural and societal issues related to ICT. Students practice responsible use of ICT systems, information, and software.

Research and Inquiry

Students use and transfer ICT knowledge to locate, retrieve, organize, manipulate, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information for specific research tasks.•

By the end of Grade 5 students will:

By the end of Grade 5 students will:

  • follow an inquiry and research plan based on the four stages (prepare for research, access resources, process information, transfer learning);
  • formulate new questions as research progresses (e.g., use word processing software to record reflections and new questions arising from searches);
  • select and use appropriate search tools to gather and manage information from a variety of electronic reference materials (e.g., select government sites to investigate the function of the federal government);
  • identify and distinguish points of view expressed in electronic sources on a particular topic (e.g., explore different periodical databases to discover varied viewpoints on an environmental issue);
  • analyze electronic sources for accuracy or relevance to the purpose (e.g., critique web sites for copyright date and reliability, skim sites for usefulness);
  • create and use simple organizers and outlines (e.g., to collect and organize information, to sort facts, to find similarities, to evaluate and classify data);
  • review and analyze information to determine if needs are met.


Communication and Collaboration

Students collaborate using ICT. Students use ICT to communicate knowledge in a variety of forms and media, for different purposes and audiences.

Productivity and Applications

Students understand how to use the range of ICT tools for research, inquiry, problem solving, decision making, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

By the end of Grade 5 students will:

By the end of Grade 5 students will:



Critical and Creative Thinking

Using ICT, students will enhance their critical and creative thinking skills, including problem solving and decision making.

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