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Below you will find some common questions our staff have come across over the years. Many are difficult questions but we've done our best to point in the direction of the most appropriate available resources.

For a complete list of Resource contact information please visit our Resources page.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or have an experience you would like to share with the school community.

What is an IPRC?

IPRC stands for Identification, Placement, and Review Committee and is the process of identifying a pupil as “exceptional” and deciding the pupil’s educational placement.

Where Can I Get More Information On The IPRC Process?

Here is a link to the Ministry of Education's site concerning the IPRC process. It gives simple answers to how the IPRC process works and how to appeal the process.

Where Can I Find Out More About The Early and Ongoing Identification Process?

You can download an information package on the early and ongoing identification process here. Click here to see a chart of how the process works.

What is an IEP?

IEP stands for Individual Education Plan and is the specialized education program planned for students identified as exceptional.

Where Can I Get More Information On The IEP Process?

Here is a link to the Ministry Of Education's site concerning the IEP process. They also have a 2004 resource guide for the IEP found here. Here are some sample IEPs developed for various exceptionalities.

Where Can I Obtain Respite Services?

Check our resource page for contact information for: or Safehaven which provide information for access to and eligibility for respite services.

Also there is a program offered by Tourism Toronto and called the "Relax, Renew, Recharge" program which was started in 2008 which offers respite and a holiday weekend to those eligible after a short referral through Lorna Powers at (416-322-6317 ext 2). Read a more about it here. Here is the referral form.

Who Can I Call In A Crisis?

You can call 911, or

There are three crisis lines depending on what area you are living in:

  • Mobile Crisis Program for Scarborough and East York  - (416) 495-2891

  • North York and Etobicoke (St. Elizabeth Crisis Line) (416) 498-0043

  • Downtown Toronto (Gerstein Crisis Line) (416) 929-5200

What Happens If I Call The crisis Line?

They will send a community nurse and a police officer to assess the situation.

If the child is violent, they will have them removed to hospital.

Where Can I Get More Information About Summer School at Beverley?

The summer school at Beverley is run by the TDSB, not Beverley School specifically and space is limited. Check the TDSB website for more information or contact them through email or by phone at: 416-397-3000