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The Programs at Beverley School provide a rich and experiential learning environment are:
  • individualized for each student
  • based on strengths and abilities
  • develop each student’s communication and social skills
  • increase skills for independence
  • implement best practices in teaching

Arts and Music Activities

The arts provide an enjoyable way to develop students’ motor skills, concentration and eye-hand co-ordination.

Students express themselves and develop creativity. With hand-over-hand assistance, students use a variety of materials to draw, paint, and cut.

The music program includes learning songs, developing listening skills, the ability to match tones, express rhythm, and use rhythm instruments in action songs.

Environmental Studies and Science

Students learn to “recycle, reduce, reuse” with voice output devices to build communication skills.

They participate in theme-based learning activities.

Switches are used to activate radio, toys, blender, and teach cause/effect relationships.

Field trips, gardening, using computers and digital cameras are all included in learning to respect nature and interact with our environment.

Gym and Outdoor Activities

Through a variety of games and exercise in the gym, open area, and outdoor play yard, our students develop large muscle control, balance, and co-ordination. They learn to follow directions, share and play together in a co-operative spirit.


Number activities are introduced through games and activity centres where students manipulate concrete materials. Students learn to count, recognize shapes, make patterns, compare sets, sort and classify. Students also work with sand and water.

Language Arts

One of the goals of the language arts program is to enhance communication by using multi-augmentative/alternative communication systems. All of the following modes are used as appropriate to each student’s needs and abilities:
  • Sign language
  • Picture exchange (with Mayer Johnson Picture Symbols)
  • Voice-output devices
  • Written words
  • Photograph exchange

Special Education Resource Staff:

Physical/Occupational Therapy, Speech/Language, Psychology, Autism and Vision Resource Staff work with our students and consult with the staff as required to meet each student’s needs.

What Beverley JR PS Is Planning For This School Year


  • welcome parents and invite them to be active participants in their child’s education
  • daily communication by phone or paper to all parents
  • continue our partnership with George Brown College as a training facility for Early Childhood Education
  • continue our partnership with the secondary school Co-op Education program
  • welcome volunteers to work with us
  • expand on the partnership with the teacher training faculty at the Institute of Child Study
  • continue to support the work of the School Community Council and use the expertise of our School Community Advisor, to support parents, staff and excellence in program


  • set high expectations for student growth
  • plan for our students who have significant social/emotional needs by organizing our resources accordingly and designing effective school programs
  • continue to use the Local School Team as a forum for staff, resource personnel and parents to share information and expand our understanding of student and class learning profiles
  • continue to support Equity initiatives within the school and in our Family of Schools
  • develop and implement an Equity Plan which is linked to our curriculum initiatives so all students have equity of access to learning opportunities
  • continue to develop and implement Theme Days each term so that all our students have opportunities to work together at activity centres/invite parents to join us/celebrate the diversity of staff, students and parents

Staff Development

  • use school-based and TDSB resources to support the work of established committees: Safe School; Equity; Environment; Information Technology; Curriculum
  • continue to use the expertise of all staff for Local School Team, Class Profiles, and consultations
  • review and integrate preventative strategies as outlined in Crisis Intervention Training
  • provide additional opportunities for teachers to meet to review and implement Curriculum expectations and strategies pertinent to our students’ levels of performance
  • in-service: lifting, wheelchair safety, seizure management
  • in-service to develop understanding of new policies: child abuse, equity, human rights and safe school foundation statements
  • in-service: developing a math, science investigations program


  • School Action Plan for Curriculum Implementation which is based on the TDSB document, “Creating Futures”; focus on developing activities which encourage all students to experience success through a balanced curriculum.
  • our plan includes the following three initiatives:
  • a library collection of books and props in conjunction with Literacy Program
  • Math, Science, Investigations Program
  • a Beverley School Web Site for parents/developing creative ways to use digital photography

Parent And Community Involvement

Parental Involvement:

School Community Council meetings will be held in the evenings to offer more parents the opportunity to participate:
  • parents assist with field trips and volunteer in classrooms
  • childcare and interpreters are provided for parents to attend School Council meetings
  • a variety of opportunities are provided throughout the year for parents and staff to develop and exchange
  • school-home strategies in order to support a strong, interesting and consistent program
  • fund-raising to support class programs
  • include parents and community volunteers in gardening projects

Community Links:

  • Collaboration with community/social agencies: George Brown College Early Childhood Education Placement
  • Co-operative Education student placements
  • Visits to the neighbourhood Public Library, Art Gallery, Kensington Market, and Grange Park
  • Liaison with Cecil Street Community Centre, University Settlement House, Huron Street Community Garden and Huron Street Community Garden Association.