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Central Technical School (C.T.S.) is a composite school offering a wide range of programs, including all core academic courses with modern computer technology integrated into all core subjects, as well as concentration and specialization in visual arts and technical studies.  C.T.S. also offers enriched levels and special education, including resource room and monitoring for students who have been identified as having learning disabilities, and support for students in the transition from high school to university, college, or employment.

Central Technical School is a leader in providing advanced computerized technology programs and innovative community service opportunities for its students.  C.T.S. provides students with the support and opportunity to explore many subject disciplines and to understand and develop their personal goals and aptitudes.  Work experience and co-operative education helps C.T.S. to maintain its leadership in technological studies to ensure that all programs are up-to-date and on the leading edge of technology.

We believe that each student's personal, intellectual, and social growth can be accomplished by a shared interaction with other students, staff, and the community. C.T.S. is committed to developing personal discipline, caring, and a respect for the rights of others. An active Students' Council adds to the excitement at Central Technical School, supporting varied co-curricular programs in physical education, music, art and student clubs.

Central Technical School enjoys a fine reputation in the university, community college, and business communities for the calibre of its graduates.

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