School Council

Welcome to Central Tech!

As a parent or guardian of a CTS student, you can be a participating member of our school council. All meetings are open to parents, and community members. Interpreters can be provided with prior notice. Our council meetings offer a regular opportunity to discuss how to make our school a better place for learning. Sometimes we feature guest speakers and focus on specific topics. Each month, our principal distributes a detailed calendar of events and activities for the month ahead. There is opportunity for questions and discussion of current issues in a productive, respectful manner. The school council has at least four meetings a year. In September, we elect a new chairperson and executive. The more active we are as a school council, the more we can support our kids. Come join in the diversity and vibrancy of life at Central Tech.

Take your seat at CTS school council!

For more information, please send an email to or call 416-393-0070

Traditionally meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. in Room 208 on the following dates:
Meetings and Events 2015 - 2016

School Council Co-Chairs
N.J. Bridge & Peter Karageorgos

Wednesday, October 21 1:30–3:30 & 6-8pm
Parent-Teacher Interviews


Interpreters are available on request. Refreshments are served. In each meeting the parents will have a chance to have a conversation with the Principal. As well there will be various presentations on Courses and Extracurricular activities.

This is your opportunity to get involved in your child’s education…..WE NEED YOU!