2013/14 Leadership Team
Suzanne Bradley-Siskind A/CL, Special Education
Lorraine de la Cruz A/CL, Health and Physical Education
Florence de Lannoy CL, ESL and Moderns
Kim McFadden CL, Student Services
Brian Easton A/CL, Learning Resources, Literacy and Library
Tania Camuti A/CL, Student Success/Achievement
Sil Giacomazzo CL, Transportation Technology/Manufacturing
Paul Gorcey A/CL, Science
Don Hann A/CL, Experiential Learning
Stan Klich CL, English
Randy Lindsey CL, Experiential Learning
Romeo Luberti CL, Communications Technology
Joy McCourt A/CL, Science
Shannon McLeod A/CL, Experiential Learning
Juli Mori A/CL, Canadian World Studies/Geography
Thomas Muller A/CL, Culinary
Ryan Rasmussen CL, Health and Physical Education
Mauro Savo A/CL, Performing Arts
Lucio Stavole CL, Construction Technology
Matt Ezrin A/CL, Special Education
Dori Vanderheyden CL, Visual Art 
Erin Vincent A/CL, Visual Art
Peter Voight A/CL, History/Civics
Debbie Wilson A/CL, Personal Services
Alex Zizovic CL, Mathematics