To Parents/Guardians of CTS Students:

In order that school life will be, for the student, a positive educational experience, it is necessary that a number of standards be met. Key amongst these standards are: regular attendance, moral conduct and respect for one's shared environment.

Our community encompasses people from diverse cultural backgrounds, with each sharing the same human needs of compassion, respect and understanding. All people studying and working at Central Technical School must strive to defend and maintain those standards that foster the development of a safe and harmonious school. School must be, for all, a place free from physical, verbal, racial and sexual harassment.

The maintenance of standards for student behaviour is a democratic and fair means to protect the rights of all students and staff to learn and work. Students and staff should treat each other as they wish to be treated. The Internet is the electronic means by which thousands of computers and millions of users have the ability to be connected to one another. Access to the Internet through the facilities provided by the Toronto District School Board is a privilege.

This page outlines in detail the expectations at Central Technical School around the attendance procedures, the Code of Respect and Behaviour and the Acceptable Use of the Internet. Please read the documents carefully with your son/daughter. After you have read and understood our expectations, complete the “Application to Attend” and the “Student Registration” form.

If required, you can additionally complete the Optional Attendance Form found here.

To register at Central Technical School you are required to make an appointment by calling 416-393-0070 extension 20004. Semester I appointments are made in May; semester II appointments are made in November.

If you have any questions regarding course selection, please call to speak with a Guidance Counsellor at 416-393-0070 extension 20041 or 20040.

Thank you for your co-operation, your interest and your support.


Lisa Edwards

Attendance Procedure

What happens if I am absent from school?

On the morning of an absence, the school l1lust .receive a telephone call from a parent/guardian. A message can be left at 416-393-0060, extension 20014.

Students returning from an absence must bring a note signed by a parent/guardian or doctor. The note should indicate the student's name, the reason for the absence and the date(s) of the absence. Students are required to have each of their teachers sign the note. The student then submits the note to the Attendance Office (Room 266) after school on the day of their return.

A student who is absent five (5) days or more consecutive is required to provide a medical note. Absence from class without a legitimate reason is unacceptable; suspension is a possible consequence.

For all grade 9 absences there will be a telephone call home before noon.

Students who are going to be away from school for a long period of time must have a parent/guardian notify the school by telephone or note. Failure to report a lengthy absence may result in the student being taken "Off Roll".

What happens if I am late to school?

The school day begins at 8:50 a.m. students arriving to class after the national anthem begins are considered late. Students in grades 10 to 12 report directly to class where the teacher will mark the attendance. Grade 9 students report to Rm. 266 or the designated roon1 for a late slip.

What if I have to leave the school during the day?

Students who need to sign but of school during the day for a predetermined reason (such as a doctor or dental appointment) are to do so at the Attendance Office (Rm. 266) before 8:50 am or during: lunch. Students who need to sign out of school due to a sudden emergency (such as personal illness) must report to the Attendance Office (Rm. 266).

Unexplained Absences

Students, absent from any class without a written note from a parent/guardian or a teacher, (in the case of a school-authorized event) will be considered as skipping and will be dealt with as explained in the Code of Behaviour.

What if I have a non-assigned period?

Students with a non-assigned period (a spare) l1lay work in the library, in a supervised classroom, the cafeteria or off the school property; students may not loiter in the halls and stairwells during class time

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Code of Conduct

As a member of the Central Tech community I recognize that I have a responsibility for helping to create and maintain a safe environment in which the building and all the people in it are treated with dignity and respect.


I understand that I am here to learn, to earn a diploma/certificate, and to be prepared to be a contributing member of society. In order to do this:

  1. I will attend class every day, on time and ready to work so that I can earn each credit.
  2. If I am absent, I will bring an explanatory note, show it to each of my teachers and submit it to the Vice-Principal’s office (266). If special circumstances require that I have an extended absence, I will communicate with my Guidance Counsellor and Vice-Principal about my situation.
  3. I will demonstrate academic integrity, earning my credit by honestly completing and submitting the required course work. I will submit my own work and not plagiarise.
  4. I will honour the efforts of my teachers and classmates by taking part in class and group work.
  5. I will contribute to a safe learning space where different opinions are equally respected.
  6. I understand that I am required to be in my scheduled classes during instructional time, unless I have a study period or special permission from a staff member (for example: independent project, athletic events, stage crew duties, appointment in school, etc.).

School Community

I understand that I am part of a large and diverse community that only functions with everyone’s cooperation. Therefore:

  1. I will accept all people as worthy of respect regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or ability.
  2. I will ensure the safety of our community by reporting incidents of abuse, harassment, and bullying. Violence, weapons, drugs and pornography are forbidden.
  3. I understand that for the safety of myself and others I must identify myself when asked by a staff member.
  4. I will respect school property which includes the building, its contents, and the school grounds.
  5. I will maintain the standard of dress that is required for a safe and healthy learning environment. I agree to wear the required subject-specific clothing in Tech, Phys. Ed., Co-op, Science, and Art classrooms.
  6. I understand that clothing that promotes violence and discrimination is prohibited.

Grid of Consequences

Use of Electronic Devices

Students that bring to school hand held electronic devices (i.e. discman's, mp3 players, cell phones, etc...) do so at their own risk. The school is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Acceptable Use of The Internet

The Internet is the electronic means by which thousands of computers and millions of users have the ability to be connected to one another. Access to the Internet through the facilities provided by the Toronto District School Board is a privilege.

Acceptable uses of the Internet include accessing:

All users of the TDSB Internet access points are forbidden to actively seek out materials that are not appropriate in an educational setting. Inappropriate materials include but are not limited to texts, images, graphics, sound clips, videos, or animations which:

Inappropriate use will result in the cancellation of those privileges and disciplinary action.