During High School

On these page you will find information about selecting courses and programs at CTS. Please follow the different links, browse through the information, and write down your questions and ideas. Once you're done on the website, make an appointment to see your Guidance Counsellor who will be happy to meet with you and answer any questions you might have.

Please see What Do You Need To Graduate? for the basic information about earning an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

For more information about the opportunities available to you at CTS, please select a link below:

Grade 9

Congratulations on making a great choice for your High School years.

Drop by room 205 and meet your Guidance Counsellor. She or he will be a great resource for you as you learn about all of the different courses and activities you can pursue at Central Tech.

The Grade 9 Course Calendar is available online so have a look at all of the great options that are available to you as one of our newest students.

Grade 10

Welcome back, and congratulations on making it through your first year of high school.

Moving into Grade 10 you have a little more choice in what courses you can select. Have a look through the Grade 10 Course Calendar and be sure to discuss your ideas with friends, family, and your Guidance Counsellor. In addition to selecting courses that interest you, please make sure you are giving some thought towards what you might do in grades 11, 12 and beyond.

This is a big year for you: in April you'll write the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test; and if you haven't started earning hours towards fulfilling the Community Involvment diploma requirement, it's time to get started!

Grade 11

Welcome to your senior years!

Your academic options really open up this year. If you haven't already done so, now is a good time to think about what you might like to do once you finish high school. While still two years away, the course choices you make now will impact the opportunties you have once you graduate. Read through the Grade 11 Course Calendar and talk to your Guidance Counsellor about your plans.

Grade 12

In a little over a year you could be walking across the auditorium stage to pick-up your Ontario Secondary School Diploma: You're almost a graduate!

Book an appointment with your Guidance Counsellor to review your Credit Counselling Summary and ensure that you are on-track towards completing all of the OSSD requirements. Check out the Grade 12 Course Calendar beforehand and write down a list of courses you are interested in completing before you leave CTS.

Put aside some time to seriously consider your options post-CTS. On the left there is a link titled "After High School" which will take you to a page filled with resource for everyone.