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Central Toronto Academy is a school that embraces 21st century learning. Our small size, caring staff and semestered format foster a climate that provides our students with a high school experience optimised for their personal growth and development. 
Our intimate and personable atmosphere fosters wonderful relationship development amongst all grade and all members of our community. Our numerous activities and events reflect the welcoming beauty, creativity, values and diversity of all our students.

 At Central Toronto Academy we are:

Digital Innovators

We ensure our students remain current with the rapidly changing digital spectrum by offering classes fully online & blended (online support for face-to-face classes). We fuse Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics learning together through our STEM program, complemented by a mandatory computer programming course, a complete Wi-Fi environment, and Chromebooks for our grade 9 and 10 students.

Compassionate Leaders

Our inclusive community provides students with a safe environment to take risks, explore ideas and challenge themselves. We encourage students to nurture and develop their skills as leaders through our leadership courses, student council and numerous extra-curricular clubs and activities.

Experiential Learners

Driven by our Specialist High Skills Major, Bike, and Cooperative education programs, CTA has brought experiential learning to the forefront of all classes by partnering with numerous industry professionals and organizations. By putting theory into practice, students are deeply engaged in the material they are studying and gain a lasting academic experience

Event Spotlight


School Closure

June 26

The Ministry of Education has announced the closure of all Ontario schools for the remainder of the school year.


Grade 9 Orientation

September 3

Orientation will take place for incoming Grade 9 students and Parents on Thursday, September 3.


Back to School

September 8

The tentative start date for 2020-21 school year is set for September 8, pending Ministry of Education approval.

Grade 9 Orientation

Incoming Grade 9 parents and students are invited to register for our virtual Grade 9 Orientation on Thursday, September 3, 2020. Please consult the documents below for detailed information and sign-up form.

markunread_mailbox  Parent Letter    how_to_reg  Registration Form




Pre-Advanced Placement courses foster an enriched learning experience and develop critical learning skills.

Advanced Placement

Our AP program provides university level courses, curricula and exams in grades eleven and twelve.

Arts Programming

Student voice, personal expression, acceptance and inclusion are at the core of our arts programming.

Athletics Programming

CTA's Athletics program emphasizes the importance of fusing academics with athletics for all of our student-athletes.

Business S.H.S.M.

Our Business Entrepreneurship SHSM program focuses on social, cultural and environmental issues.


Sports S.H.S.M.

The new Sports SHSM program enables students to build a foundation of knowledge and skills for a career in the sports industry.

International & E.L.L.

CTA hosts refugees, immigrants, and visa students who learn about the world through others' experiences.


Moderns Programming

Moderns programming at CTA develops a strong a sense of Canadian culture through language studies



Extracurriculars develop well-rounded students with confidence to explore new activities and experiences.

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Social Distancing

Message from Ms. Rose for everyone to stay home and stay safe during Covid-19

Ms. Rose


Empty School

Our caretaker, George, looking down the empty second floor hallway during Covid-19 school closure


Cooperative Education

Mr. D'Souza working with one of our coop students

Mr. D'Souza



Ms. Zawacki with a message to our students during Remote Learning

Ms. Zawacki



One of our grads sporting a student-created T-shirt for 2020 grads!



One of the throwback action shots from our senior boys' basketball season

CTA In The News

CTA: Welcome Home


Breakfast Television: GoIT Summit


CTA Honours Autumn Peltier


SHSM 'Winter Kicks' Launch

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