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Donview - Girls Basketball Team Decided

We thank all the students who tried out for the team this year. If your name is not on this list, we encourage you to come out for the intermurals later on this year. If your name is on this list, congratulations, you made it through the last cut; you're now part of the Donview MS team!

Team Members

Sham 6-5; Alyssa 6-1; Lauren 61; Jasmine 7-5; Nikee 7-1; Victoria 7-2; Danyelle 7-5; Seairra 7-1; Sara 7-2; Jinnia 8-5; Sam 8-2; Tahjae 8-4; Sara 8-2; Ria 8-3; Tamia 8-3


Thank you all again!! Dates of practices will be announced shortly




Updated November 10, 2011



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