Downsview Secondary School

Student of the Week

Week of November 7, 2011

Shanna D. and Timika L-W.

Downsview, for the week of November 7th, two students are receiving the honour of Student of the Week. They are Shanna D. and Timika L-W. Both girls are in the tenth grade.

A few weeks ago, Brendon M. and Chaid M., both prominent members of the Downsview community, were featured performers at the 64th Annual Ontario Federation of Cerebral Palsy Conference. The boys were accompanied by Timika and Shanna, of Ms Murphy’s dance class. This was a ground-breaking performance, as the ensemble was composed of a mix of students with different abilities.

Ms Woods, Brendon and Chaid’s teacher, has a few words about our winners: “They were reliable and showed up on time. They met at Downsview at 7:30 am on the Saturday morning of the dance and to arrive at the conference centre by 8:00. They delivered on all their promises and were quietly supportive of Brendon and Chaid. They went without their lunch period several times to attend rehearsals. Chaid reports that they whispered reminders about the next dance steps to keep the boys on track. They helped in a way Chaid won't forget because they encouraged him and Brendon with a "good job" in their ears. Brendon liked the way they were so kind and thoughtful and helpful in directing them in their dance steps. Brendon believes they truly deserve to be the Students of the Week (and Chaid does, too).”
Brendon and Chaid value the connections they make with students and teachers at DSS, and they feel they made deeper ones through this performance. They said, “it will make our hearts sing to dance for everyone.” Well, Timika and Shanna, you both played critical roles in making this day happen.
Ms Polley adds her voice to Timika’s nomination: “Timika also gives her time to the Junior Basketball Team, has good attitude in class, works hard at finding the balance between academic and extra-curricular commitments, and is game to try anything, even foxtrotting in class.” Ms Polley also says: “I find Timika inspiring.”
And here is what Ms Murphy has to say about both winners: "Timeka is a bundle of energy and her positive spirit is contagious. She is always willing to put forth her best effort whether it be in class, on the basketball court, or on stage! One thing that separates Timeka from the rest is that she is willing to try new things and be open-minded. Her experience in practicing and performing for the Cerebral Palsy Conference was a new one, and she embraced the opportunity and did a wonderful job! I am very proud of Timeka for her contributions to Downsview and the community! Way to go Timbit!"

"Shanna is one of the most enthusiastic dancers that I have had the opportunity of working with at Downsview. Whether it be choreographing, performing, or learning, Shanna's passion for dance is very evident. Shanna has taken every opportunity possible to get involved in her passion here at Downsview. She is the choreographer of the semi-finalist routine for Dare 2 Dance, a performer in the Cerebral Palsy Conference, and a dedicated member of Dance Pak and Dance Club! I proudly continue to witness her development as a young artist and feel very happy that she is being recognized as 'Student of the Week'!

Timika, Shanna, it’s clear that you share a deep passion for dance and we wish you many happy years on the dance floor and the stage. More importantly, you are both invested in supporting others. That you have found merged talent and fine citizenship is a blessing to all of us at Downsview. Congratulations once again to you, Timika and to you, Shanna, on your wins as Students of the Week.

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