Downsview Secondary School

Student of the Week

Week of November 14, 2011

Denny T.

Downsview, for the week of November 14th, your Student of the Week is Denny T. Denny is in the eleventh grade at Downsview.

Many staff members have expressed their surprise, not at Denny’s win, but at the fact that Denny has not previously received this honour. And yet, the delay in delivering this honour fits with Denny’s modesty and his quiet but meaningful way of effecting change. Denny’s nomination comes from his admiring French teacher, Ms Kouinis. Here is what she has to say: “Denny is always on time, has a great work ethic and his interest and effort in French are commendable. He has a great influence on his peers in French class and outside of class, too. His initiative is evident, as he is part of Student Council, the GSA, arts activities, school assemblies and more. Achieving honour roll marks at the same time makes Denny even more impressive!”

The accolades continue. From Mr Fanjoy: “Denny has quickly and quietly emerged as one of the leaders in my grade 11 English class.  He is incredibly hard working and a role model for others.  He always attends with a positive attitude that is both infectious and welcomed.  Keep up the good work, Denny.” And from Ms Le, one of his Student Council mentors: "Denny is a fantastic role model to all students at Downsview. Not only is he warm, sincere and simply hilarious, he can achieve anything he sets his mind to! He's currently working very hard to change the menu in our cafeteria so that all students and staff can enjoy a healthy and delicious lunch every single day. Keep up the excellent work Denny!"

Denny is a Student Council representative, and has worked with the TDSB’s SuperCouncil. The spirit of leadership always alive in Denny has further been ignited recently, when Denny brought forth the belief that DSS needs to have a GSA. Here are Mr Chica’s words:  “Denny has been an inspiration to the school from both a teacher's and student's perspective.  His persistence for social justice and equity for all students is a model for any person in this city.  Everyone has thoughts to change the school but very few turn it into action for their community.  Denny's actions in his various social actions have proven to be very effective and I know he has a bright future ahead of him.”

Denny, you are a man of ideas and of actions. The fact that you play a mean guitar is an added bonus. You have the respect and admiration of Downsview staff members as well as your peers. You are richly deserving of this honour. Congratulations go out to you, Denny T., our Student of the Week.

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