Downsview Secondary School

Student of the Week

Week of December 5, 2011

Idil I.

Downsview, for the week of December 5th, your Student of the Week is Idil I.
Idil is in the tenth grade at Downsview.

Idil’s nomination comes from one of her admiring teachers, Ms Law. She says: “I have taught Idil for two semesters and I have seen how Idil has grown from a shy and timid girl to a conscientious and outspoken young woman. Idil carries a book to read with her all the time, and aside from the fact that she is clearly a lover of the written word, reading has surely been one of the factors that has improved her academic grades. Idil has also devoted herself to several co-curricular activities, including Girls’ Group, Dare 2 Inspire and wegreen. Idil bookends her days with volunteer work. In the mornings, she keeps our Breakfast Club in order, re-stocking, tidying and replenishing supplies. After school, she works in our library until four o’clock every day.” Ms Law notes that Mr Syal and Mr Fanjoy also support Idil’s nomination. Ms Prinn adds: “Idil is great! She helped at the High Park cleanup. Idil is a do-er.”

Idil, the evidence of your commitment to your success, that of your peers, and that of our community is plentiful. You gravitate towards teams; you are constructive are ready to listen and respect the ideas of your peers at meetings. You give your time generously.

On another note, the Toronto District School Board identifies a character trait for each month of the year. For December, the focus is on “fun and being positive”. I have rarely seen a student show her joy, enthusiasm, good nature and kindness as you; the good spirit you bring with you to the Breakfast Club every day touches everyone. In short, you bring your “A Game” every day and we are all the better for your goodness. It is the combination of your excellent attitude and your deep commitment to your own improvement and that of your school that make you a star.

Idil, it is a great pleasure to announce your win as Student of the Week. Downsview thanks you for all your efforts.

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