Downsview Secondary School

Student of the Week

Week of December 19, 2011

Shanterel M.

Downsview, for the week of December 19th, we are defying the odds with yet another sister win. Shanel received this honour some weeks ago and now, her sister Shanterel M., a twelfth grade student, is the recipient of Student of the Week honours.

Shanterel’s nomination comes from three teachers. First, Ms Kandasamy has this to say: “Shanterel has a strong personality. She volunteers to help teachers and students in class. She is always on task. Most importantly, she is not a flower, but a leader. Aside from this, she is always pleasant and has a smile for everyone she passes. I am happy to be her teacher.” Ms Hilton follows with similar praise: “Shanterel never misses a day and is always on time, with a big hug and smile for the teacher. She really brightens my day. She is also involved in many school activities and is a star cosmetology student. I know that Shanterel is really good at math, and she aspires to be an accountant.” Ms de Jersey adds these words: “I know Shanterel as an enthusiastic and helpful member of Dare 2 Inspire. Most recently, she teamed up with our DD students to mount the lovely display you see in the foyer for our food drive. Shanterel has given her time to grilled cheese and pancake breakfasts, working cheerfully under pressure to serve DSS students for a worthy cause. I am so glad Shanterel is part of our school and our Dare 2 Inspire team.”

These accolades speak of a student who has it all; strength both inside and outside the classroom are hers. When Shanterel was called to Guidance to receive her award, she worried that in leaving class, she was abandoning a new student she had been helping. Such is her generosity. Shanterel’s average is at the Honour Roll level. Such is her commitment to her studies. And outside the classroom, she is involved in the DAA, Dance Pak, the Cross Country team and Dare 2 Inspire. In our community, she is a member of the Youth Advisory Group at our local library. Such is her commitment to others.

Shanterel,the evidence is abundant. In this, your first year at Downsview, you have worked hard, given your time and taken advantage of many opportunities to help. We look forward to seeing your success here in the future. Congratulations go out to you, Shanterel, our Student of the Week.

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