Downsview Secondary School

Student of the Week

Week of January 9, 2012

Shanique V.

Downsview, to usher in the year 2012, we have a fantastic winner as Student of the Week. Her name is Shanique V., and she is in the twelfth grade.

Shanique’s nomination comes first from our beloved “Mr D”. Here are his words: “Shanique is the type of person who goes out of her way to help people without expecting anything in return. Whenever I need assistance in class, or whenever other teachers require help, Shanique is always more than willing to support. And she does this not because she is looking for a higher grade or special acknowledgement. She helps because she sees her positive contributions not as just significant, but as the right things to do. What makes this nomination different from others – what makes Shanique stand out – is not just her compassion for others and her truly empathetic nature; it is her tireless commitment to making DSS and the wider community a better place. Shanique deserves to be commended for all her efforts. And I hope this win, in some small way, speaks for the recognition, that although never expected, she truly deserves. Way to go Shanique! Keep doing what you are doing – you are appreciated.”

And seconding this nomination, we have Ms Tsourounis: “Shanique has been my peer tutor in French class this semester, and I could not have asked for a more motivated and wonderful tutor. She is always punctual, always prepared and has displayed a great work ethic and superb ability to work one-on-one with students. Ever prepared to do more, she often jumps in to help me plan and prepare. Shanique is a strong and positive role model. She has a keen interest in learning French. When she finished grade nine French here, grade ten French was not available, so she took the initiative and began courses at the Alliance Francaise. Still in these courses, she even does some of the work I give my students, to check on her own progress. Overall, Shanique is kind, hard-working, extremely intelligent and enthusiastic and I am very grateful to have her assistance. She is well-deserving of this recognition!”

Well, Shanique, the only surprise here is that you had not won this award previously. With your past involvement in Student Council, Empowered Student Partnerships, Student Leaders and Girls’ Group, you have been a force at Downsview. In this, your graduating year, your focus has, understandably, been more academic, and yet you’ve still brought your giving, engaged spirit into all you touch. Congratulations once again go out to you, Shanique, you set the bar high for future 2012 winners.

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