Downsview Secondary School

Student of the Week

Week of January 16, 2012

Canica E.

Downsview, for the week of January 16th, your Student of the Week is Canica E.
Canica is in the eleventh grade at Downsview.

There are all kinds of leaders in life. Some are outspoken and highly visible. We all know their faces and voices. Others work more quietly, but consistently, to achieve change. And yet others fall in different spaces along this spectrum, sometimes recognized, sometimes not. Canica is a leader, and her style is her very much her own. She dives in and does the work and preparation necessary to see projects through, and she is confident and unafraid to step up to the mike. Canica’s nomination is very much based on her leadership abilities, and it comes from Ms Kouinis. Here is her enthusiastic endorsement: “Canica has excellent leadership skills and she has shown these in the French Club. She produced brochures for grade eight students that advertise our French programs, and she was integral in organizing the screening of Polytechnique in December. Her strong interest in French has led to these great initiatives, with outstanding results. Canica’s enthusiasm and passion for the French language is an inspiration to us all.”

It should also be noted that French Club is a new initiative at Downsview. Those students that started the club didn’t simply join a club, they founded the club. A lot more work goes into starting something than into jumping into an already established group. A strong part of Canica is attracted to this kind of entrepreneurship. In the future, while she is drawn toward a career in teaching, she is also very interested in starting her own business. Skills are transferable and experiences are never lost; all that she has learned here in her involvement in French Club will propel her toward her goals.

In addition to her commitment to French Club, Canica has shown deep commitment to academic success. Balancing many family responsibilities, night school and a full schedule of classes cannot be easy, but the results are superior. Canica’s first semester average of 87% is applause-worthy. Canica, we are fortunate to have someone of your fine calibre at Downsview. Congratulations once again on your win as Student of the Week.

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