Downsview Secondary School

Student of the Week

Week of March 5, 2012

Xania B.

For the week of March 5th, your Student of the Week is Xania B.
Xania is in the tenth grade at Downsview and this is her second time winning this honour.

Let’s go right to the accolades. First, these words from Ms Kouinis: “Xania has been an example student in French class, last year in grade 9 and this year in grade 10 Academic French. She always exceeds the expectations of the course and comes to class with a positive and engaging attitude. Her responsibility and commitment to learning are commendable. To top all that, she is also part of the French Club and is actively involved in all French-related initiatives, attending all the meetings without fail. All in all, Xania is fully worthy of the title Student of the Week!”

And, from Ms Johnson, these accolades: “Quite simply, Xania is every teacher's dream! From day one, she has been one of the most engaged students in my ESL E class, completing every assignment on time and to a high level, while also maintaining perfect attendance. From a teacher’s perspective, it couldn’t get any better, but the great thing about Xania is that in her eyes, excellence as a student is by no means an achievement; working to your full potential and striving for success in life is just simply as it should be. Xania excels, not because the skills are necessarily natural, but because she works tirelessly for her achievement.  And that is just one small portion of who Xania is at Downsview. She gives of herself without demand, helping her classmates, volunteering and through participation in several school clubs. While you’ve probably seen Xania in the halls, you’ve almost certain NOT heard her. Her quiet and shy demeanour keeps her out of the spotlight, but do not doubt her ability to shine. I am so happy to have watched Xania grow over the past semester and I can’t wait to see all she has in store for Downsview and the world. I have no doubt that she will continue to make us all very proud to have known her.”

Xania, your quiet strength brings to mind lots of old adages: “still waters run deep”, “the meek shall inherit the earth” and “from quiet reflection comes effective action”. You have shown that your brand of power is indisputable. Congratulations on your well-deserved win as Student of the Week.

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