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The TDSB EcoSchool Program

EcoSchools is a program developed by the Toronto District School Board to make environmental awareness and action an integral part of everyday school life.

The EcoSchools program focuses on four main themes: Waste Minimization, Energy Conservation, School Ground Greening, and Ecological Literacy.

At Elizabeth Simcoe we are working hard as an EcoSchool and our work on all four themes is increasing. We are more than staff, students and parents participating in the TDSB EcoSchool Program -- we are responsbile members of our community keeping the natural environment healthy for future generations.
The Simcoe EcoSchool Program
Component Classroom Lessons School-wide Activities
Waste Minimization  Yes xYes
Energy Conservation  Yes xYes
School Ground Greening  Yes  Yes
Ecological Literacy  Yes  Yes