All students, parents, and staff belong to Inglenook's General Membership. Meetings provide the opportunity to show information, discuss school policy, and examine initiatives of the various bodies within the school. Dates of the meetings are made known early in the school year.

The Committee on Evaluation, Academic Standards and Admissions consists of a rotating panel of two students and two teachers. All student positions (usually ten of them) are elected. All teachers other than the coordinators sit on CEASA. This committee makes recommendations which are forwarded to the coordinators and staff for a decision. If a student does not appear for an appointment, recommendations may be made in his/her absence.

The Board comprises two students, four parents, two teachers (all elected by their respective groups), the Principal, and one other person from the community. This body receives and considers proposals from school members and groups, from the Board of Education, and hears cases of appeal brought by other bodies at the school. The Board formulates long-term policy and directions for the school. Board business is presented to the General Membership for discussion and ratification.

The ICA explores ways to enrich the academic and community life of the school by initiating fund-raising activities. People interested in such involvement may volunteer at the first General Membership meeting. Members may occasionally act as liaison to the Board of Directors and attend their meetings.

Inglenook's Principal also represents several other alternative schools in the Toronto District School Board. Although he/she is not resident in the school, he/she may be contacted through the school office at 393-0560.

Two coordinators are chosen from the staff, by the staff, to act as representatives of the principal, and are responsible for the day to day administration of the school.

The Student Council is a group of five elected students who represent the concerns of the student body and may organize activities and events within the school. This body meets with the coordinators to discuss immediate concerns at the school, acts as liaison between students and staff, and may promote student action outside the school.


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