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The Duel between Samuel Peters Jarvis and John Ridout
"Contradiction": Statement of George Markland

Part 6 of 7
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                                                York, 11th March, 1828.
My Dear Sir,
                In an article published in the "Canadian Freeman" of the 28th ultimo, and under the signature of "A Relative," it is made to appear rather doubtful, whether I was or was not the first aggressor in an affray which I had early in the month of July, 1817, with the late Mr. John Ridout, at which you were present.
    I shall feel much obliged by your stating in writing what you recollect of that transaction.
                                                        Believe me,
                                                        Yours very faithfully,
                                                              SAML. P. JARVIS.
            The Hon. George Markland,
              &c. &c. &c.

                                                        York, 13th March, 1828.
My Dear Sir,
    In reply to yours I beg leave to state, that at this distance of time I cannot recall to mind the express words which were used at the meeting between yourself and the late John Ridout.
    The following circumstances are, however, fresh in my memory.
    We were walking arm and arm in King Street, near Dr. Widmer's, where we saw John Ridout coming towards us—when sufficiently near, he stepped up to you using some threatening language, and struck at you with a large stick, which blow I think was warded off—you then immediately closed with him, and a scuffle ensued, which ended in a separation by the persons around.
    The attack was wholly unprovoked at the time, tho' apparently premeditated by the unfortunate deceased, whose assault took us both by surprise, at an unguarded moment, when we were engaged in conversation & unprepared for such violence.
                                                        I am your obedient servant,
                                                        GEORGE H. MARKLAND
            Samuel P. Jarvis, Esq.

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