This Week At Leaside

Monday, June 6: DAY 2

Tuesday, June 7:  DAY 3

Wednesday, June 8:  DAY 4
Period 1 - Locker Clean Out

Thursday, June 9:  DAY 1
5:45 - 8:00 Athletic Banquet for Student Athletes at Leaside

Friday, June 10: Day 2


Upcoming Events

June 14-17– Moratoriums

June 13 - Awards Assembly , Yearbook Distribution, Lawn Party - Special Schedule

June 20-24– Exams

June 28 – Exam Review Day

June 28 – Semester 2 Report Card (Distributed to Grade 9 - 11)

June 29 – Commencement - 12:30

School and Community Announcements

2015-2016 Website updates
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