This Week At Leaside

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Monday, October 5: DAY 3

- All Week A.C.T. Red Cross fundraiser for refugees – Kolandjian
- All Day Boys & Girls Golf City Championships @ St. Andrews Golf Course – Crisostomo, Georgiadis
- 1:15 Boys Tennis vs. Northern SS @ Leaside Tennis Club - Busato

Tuesday, October 6: DAY 4
- All Day P.A.R.T.Y. Sunnybrook Hospital
- PPL3M/F – Crisostomo, Georgiadis
- 8:40-1:45 LWICU1 Italian class to Pompeii @ ROM - Vicentini
- 11:30 Trent University – Student Services
- 1:45 Sr. Girls Basketball @ Oakwood - Latchmiah
- 4:15 Jr. Girls Basketball @ East York - Slean

Wednesday, October 7: DAY 1
- 12:45 Girls Tennis vs. Riverdale @ Riverdale – Crisostomo
- 1:15 Boys Tennis vs. Forest Hill @ Leaside Tennis Club – Busato

Thursday, October 8: DAY 2
- All Day Jr. 7’s Girls Rugby – Mo, Verduin
- A.M. Grade 9 Day
- 2:15 Sr. Girls Basketball vs. Lawrence Park – Latchmiah
- 4:15 Jr. Girls Basketball vs. Malvern - Slean

Friday, October 9: DAY 3
- TBA Boys Tennis Semi Finals – Location TBA – Busato
- 3:00 Jr. Boys Football @ East York - Chambers
- 5:00 Sr. Boys Football @ East York - Georgiadis

Upcoming Events

October 12 – Thanksgiving
October 27 – Delayed Start, Staff Meeting
October 27 – School Council, Library 6:30
November 12 – Mid-Term report cards distributed
November 13 – PA Day
November 19 – Parent/Teacher Interviews
November 20 – Delayed Start
November 24 – Delayed Start – Staff Meeting

School and Community Announcements

2015-2016 Website updates
The Leaside High School website is currently being updated for the 2015-2016 school year by the new LHS Web Development Team. The front page will always have the most up to date news with the This Week @ Leaside and Upcoming Events section being updated weekly. Thank you for your understanding.

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The elections for Leaside’s School Council were held on Tues. Sept. 29.
Congratulations the 2015/2016 elected members of Leaside’s School Council Executive.

Co-Chair: Tom Gehring
Co-Chair: Brenda McPhail
Secretary: Sandra Ballard


The arrival of fall and Thanksgiving also signals the time for the Northlea community blood donor clinic, Wednesday, October 14th.

Clinic details are as follows:
Northlea Thanksgiving Blood Donor Clinic is on Wednesday, October 14th from 2:00 p.m - 7:00 p.m. at Northlea E & MS, 305 Rumsey Rd. Call 1-888-2 DONATE (1- 888-236-6283) to book an appointment.

Thank you for supporting this community initiative.

Periodically the school is informed of student activities that are not sanctioned by either the school or the Board. The most common activities are ‘semi-formals’ at downtown clubs, Family weekend trips or March Break trips.

In recent years the family weekend trips have been to Mount Tremblant and the March Break trips have been to the Dominican Republic. These trips have been organized by travel agencies that refer to Leaside as the community and not to the school itself.

Please note that these non-sanctioned activities are not supervised by Board staff. A couple of years ago a Leaside student who participated in one of the nonsanctioned trips had suffered an injury and was hospitalized. None of the tour operators’ representatives or supervisors contacted the parents. The Operators claimed no responsibility since they employed temporary staff. Hotel property was damaged and affected other patrons who were at the same venue with their families.

In the event that the school or the Board organizes events, parents are informed of these events through the weekly bulletin and out of country trips would require parental permission forms. Overnight trips that are organized by the school require the approval of the Superintendent and would include parent meetings with the staff supervisors prior to the trip.

If in doubt, please contact the school to clarify whether activities are school sanctioned.

Nomination forms for School Council Executive positions are due by Tues. Sept. 15.

We have been experiencing difficulty with our phone system since we returned in August. Last year the hard drive was
replaced twice and we are awaiting technical support from the Board and the service provider to address the problem.
The Board has approved a new phone system for all the schools within the Board however, we have not yet been provided with a date when we will be receiving the new system.

We know that calls are going through to the school during the day and the office staff members are able to pick up the calls. The extension to allow parents to leave a message to report a student
absence is not working. We have also discovered that some office phones are not working.

In the interim, if you are unable to reach the school please send an email to and we will forward
the information or request to the appropriate individual. You can use this email address to report your child’s
absence or to connect with a staff member. Alternatively, you can send a note with your son/daughter upon their
return to school if they are absent.

We appreciate your support and thank you for your patience as we work through resolving the problems with our phones.



Report cards for students in grades 9 to 11 will be distributed after Exam Review. Graduating students will receive their report cards in their folder at Commencement on Wed. June 24. Reports cards will not be mailed out. Students who are unable to pick them up on June 23 may do so up until July 10. They will then be available again when the office re-opens on August 24.

Exam Schedule June 2015 Leaside

Exam Instructions June 2015


Students received their semester two midterm report cards today, Friday, April 10. They were also provided with information to schedule appointments for Parent/Teacher interviews on Thursday, April 16. A copy of the Parent/Teacher interview letter is attached for your reference. The interviews will follow the same format as in the fall.

Literacy Test Letter to All Parents 2015

Toronto Public Health Letter to Parents


We are pleased to announce that this year’s Leaside Fashion Show, Mirabili, will be taking place on
Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015. The theme of this year’s show is ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

All proceeds from the show will be going to the ‘Sunnybrook Family Navigation Project’. The ‘Family Navigation Project’ helps families in crisis coordinate the right care for youth from 13-26.

Tickets will be sold for $10.00. We hope to see you there!

First semester exams have been scheduled from January 22 to 28. Due to the number and length of exams there will not be any classes scheduled during those five days. Exam Review Day has been scheduled in the morning on Thurs. Jan. 29. Students will be able to attend their semester 1 classes according to the schedule that has been published to review their exam results. Students will be receiving their semester 2 timetables in home form on Mon. Jan. 19 and semester 2 classes will begin on Fri. Jan. 30.

Exam Schedule January 2015 Leaside

SCHOOL COUNCIL MEETING – JAN. 20 Family Navigation Project Leaside has arranged an information session for parents from Sunnybrook’s ‘Family Navigation Project’. A team of doctors involved with the ‘Family Navigation Project’ will be attending the School Council meeting on Jan. 20. The ‘Family Navigation Project’ at Sunnybrook is a program designed to provide expert navigation of the mental health and addictions service system for youth aged 13-26. The staff involved in the project support families and their youth in the path to recovery. They help families to navigate the health care and related services system, connect to appropriate and credible assessment and treatment resources, receive assistance in as timely a way as possible and negotiate challenging situations that may arise. The ‘Family Navigation Project’ team helps to build relationships with treatment
providers, centres and programs that will facilitate connections for families and youth. The ‘Family Navigation Project’ seeks to engage with, inform, advocate and provide connections for, support, and empower the families of youth with mental health and addiction so that the youth and families receive the help they need. From the Family Navigation Project website, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

TEAM UP FOR GREEN NEW info related to this campaign:
1. Toronto Hydro has extended the end date of this campaign to December 31st, 2014. We have 4 more weeks to reach our goal of raising $250,000.
2. Toronto Hydro also added a draw to help lift our campaign.
All customers who register for eBills /PAP from November 24th to December 31st will be entered for a chance to win a $2,000, $1,000 or $500 Loblaw gift card.
The contest runs from November 25th to December 31st, 2014 This is a rare fundraising opportunity and all proceeds benefit our schools, so let’s try our best to get more sign-ups.

We cannot stress enough how much parents look forward to Trustee Gershon’s Community Coffee gatherings. It is typically very informative, for any parent but most definitely for anybody on a School Council – to learn from Trustee and Superintendent(s), but also from other parents.


Thank you to all parents and students for your patience and support as we worked through Thursday’s power failure.

We were notified early Thursday morning (5:30 a.m.) that the school had been without any power or heat since 12:30 a.m. Board staff together with Toronto Hydro had been on site overnight to determine the cause of the power failure and the requirements to restore the power to the school.

Based on the circumstances, the Director’s Office authorized the school closure which prompted the emergency procedures and protocol. The School Superintendent, Principal, Safe and Caring Schools, Facilities personnel and Communications Department were contacted.

The Board’s Communications Department would be posting a message to the TDSB’s website and social media and they would also be issuing a statement to the media informing parents and students of the school closure.

Staff members were available from 7:15 a.m. at the school to inform parents and students who started to arrive of the school closure. Please note that the power outage affected the school’s ability to access electronic information and email addresses and the phone lines were limited to a single emergency line with no messaging capability.

As the day progressed Toronto Hydro re- evaluated its initial assessment of the power outage and determined that an auger had cut a cable which supplied power to the school. Toronto Hydro and TDSB crews worked throughout the afternoon and evening to make the necessary repairs. When access to email information through an external site was available, information was shared with the school community to check the Board’s website for updates.

Staff and students returned to a regular day schedule today. The Battle of the Bands’ assemblies which were originally to be held on Thursday will be rescheduled. We appreciate everyone’s efforts and the tremendous support we received yesterday to restore the power to Leaside.

Daylight Saving Time ends 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, November 2. Remember to turn your clocks back one hour.

Yearbook photo re-takes will be on Mon. Nov. 3 in the morning only. Students who were absent in September for their yearbook photos must have their photo taken on Monday morning.
Please note that a TTC card is no longer required for students who use the TTC. If the drivers however ask for identification from a student they will be required to demonstrate that they are a student in a
school and the student activity card can be used in these circumstances.
Students who ordered photo packages should have already received them and brought them home. If you are not satisfied with the photo, please have your son/daughter return the package on Monday morning and the photo will be re-done.

Grad photos have been scheduled from the afternoon of Mon. Nov. 3 until Nov. 11. Graduating students have been asked to schedule an appointment with the photographer. Each appointment with the photographer is scheduled for 10 minutes.
Students are to submit a $30.00 Sit Fee which must be paid to the photographer on the day that the student is scheduled for their appointment. The fee includes 8 proofs on different backgrounds and a composite of the graduating class.
All students should wear a white collared shirt to compliment the grad gowns. The gentlemen are also asked to wear a tie.
Sign-up sheets are in the Main Office on the counter. All students must remember to keep their appointment at the time selected as we only have a select number of days to schedule photos for all our graduates.


Leaside is participating in Team Up For Green, a brand new fundraising initiative that encourages TDSB families to sign up for Toronto Hydro’s conservation programs and paperless services. If sign up goals are met, the TDSB will receive $250,000 towards the purchase and installation of 500 new bike racks at our schools!
Unlike other fundraisers, there’s no cost to participate. You can easily help us reach our goal by visiting and:
• Switching to paperless billing
• Setting up Pre-Authorized Payment
• Signing up for peaksaver PLUS®
Not a Toronto Hydro customer? You can still help by encouraging friends and relatives to get involved! The more families that sign up, the more likely we are to meet our fundraising goal. While you are on the website, download saveONenergy coupons to save on energy-efficient products.
Team Up For Green is an environmental initiative of Toronto Hydro in partnership with the Toronto District School Board. Working together we can benefit our students, the environment and schools. To sign up, please visit

Over the course of any given day there is a significant level of vehicular and pedestrian traffic along the driveway and parking circle which leads up to the entrance of the school.
We wish to remind all drivers – adult or student – to proceed with caution and to be aware of their speed limit so the safety of our students is not compromised.
Thank you for your support.

Our School Council meeting will be on Tues. Oct. 21, 2014. Please forward any agenda items that you wish council to discuss to

Quick Communicator October Gerri Gershon

Eglinton Crosstown News 2014/10/09

On Fri. Oct. 17 we will be following a short day schedule. Classes will end at 2:00 to provide the opportunity for all staff and students to attend and support the Leaside Lancers’ games. The Junior Boys’ game will be in progress and the Senior Boys’ game is expected to start at 2:30.
We do not very often have home games and this is an opportunity to build school spirit.

The Eco-Team's new initiative is part of Toronto Hydro's partnership with the TDSB. It's called Team Up for Green, and is encouraging "green" initiatives for families through Toronto Hydro.
It includes signing up for paperless billing, automatic payments, or a free Peaksaver PLUS thermostat (to regulate/schedule temperatures for household appliances). They even offer downloadable LED light bulb coupons as a bonus.
From October 1st to November 30th, everybody who signs up will get a sticker that goes on the school's tracking poster, which ultimately earns us a new bike rack! This is great for families and schools alike, and is an easy way to live a greener lifestyle.
To sign up or for more details, please visit

On occasion, the school is informed of situations in which students are the victims of theft within the community.
A safe and secure school environment continues to be a priority at Leaside. Much of our ability to be proactive depends on students alerting us to potential problems.
As a staff we continue to examine strategies to implement that would enhance the safe and secure environment at Leaside.
To ensure the safety and well being of all students and security of personal items please remind your children to:
• travel as a group rather than alone;
• not linger in areas that are not well-travelled or well lit;
• leave valuables at home;
• make arrangements for a drive home if out late at night;
• be aware of surrounding and unfamiliar individuals;
• never put up a fight if confronted. Everything is replaceable but people.
An additional brochure on safety from the Toronto Police Services is attached. We want all students to use more caution. Their well being is important.

Grade 9 students received a letter today regarding the grade 9 day that is scheduled on Oct. 2 from 10:00 to 12:20. We encourage all grade 9 students to participate in the activities that are being organized by the senior students.
If your child is unable to participate, please return the form to your child’s home form teacher.
Senior students have been assigned to the grade 9 home forms and early next week they will be meeting with the students to go over the activities for the day.

Thank you to those parents who have submitted nominations for the two executive positions on school council.
We realize that over the course of the summer and school start-up there may have been applications that accidentally were not submitted. We are still accepting nominations from interested parents up to noon on Mon. Sept. 8.
The nomination forms and letter from the nominations committee is attached for parents’ reference.
Next week, the names and biographies of the candidates will be distributed in preparation for the election to be held at the first school council meeting on Sept. 16.


Please note the following locations where the wireless access points have been installed:
• Cafeteria – east and west side
• Rooms 119, 120, 122, 124
• Auditorium
• Rooms 209, 213, 218, 225, 227
• Library
• Rooms 302, 310, 307, 315
The computer carts located on the third floor and in the library also have wireless routers installed in the units.


Congratulations To...


Boys and Girls Golf team
This week, Leaside’s Boys and Girls Golf team travelled to Silver Lakes Golf Club to compete in the Golf South Region Finals. We are proud to announce that Leaside’s Boys’ team finished first overall in their competition and will be going on to the City Finals. This is our second consecutive year that our Boys’ team finished first overall.

We are also proud to announce that the Girls’ Golf team who made history this year by being the FIRST Girls’ Golf team at Leaside also qualified to join the boys on Monday at the City Finals.

Congratulations to both teams for your success this week! Go Lancers!

Leaside Athletics

The spring sports’ teams have been quite busy in recent weeks.
Congratulations to the Track and Field teams. Overall Leaside placed second. The 4x4 boys and girls came in first and seven athletes placed first in their event.

The top four athletes for each event move on to Metros. Leaside will have 27 athletes competing at Metros!

The Girls’ Fastpitch team has also had a busy spring schedule. The schedule for the next two weeks is:
 May 25 – quarter finals
 May 26 – semi finals
 May 28 – finals
 June 3 - City Championships
Congratulations to all the athletes and their coaches.

Go Leaside!

Humanities and Sciences Essay Contest
Every year the Bachelor of Humanities program holds a High School Essay Contest. In 2014 the topic was “What are the advantages of combining the study of the humanities and the sciences?”

Congratulations to this year’s winners!
 1st prize—Rebecca MichaelsWalker, Leaside High School,
Toronto, ON—”To See the World
 2nd prize—Cindy Chen, Leaside
High School, Toronto, ON—untitled
 Go to:


The Leaside Robotics team competed at the Ontario VEX Provincials this past weekend(Feb 28th) in St. Catharines against 54 of the best teams from all across Ontario. Both teams advanced into the eliminations after 8 tough qualification matches.

Team 200B with a record of 5 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie performed outstandingly and placed 8th out of the 54 teams going into eliminations. They were outclassed in the quarterfinals by a very strong local team. Team 200B’s driving skills were noteworthy, ranking 17th in all of Canada.

Team 200A was undefeated with a record of 7 wins, 1 tie going into eliminations. They fought all the way to the finals vying for the position of Ontario Tournament Champions but their win was foiled by the same local team that defeated 200B.

Their impressive 2nd place win at the Ontario Provincials qualified them for a spot on the Canadian teams travelling to the 2015 VEX Robotics World Championship in Louisville, Kentucky this April 15-18. Not only will they be representing Canada, they will be the only Toronto team at this 440 team international event.

Congratulations Lancebotics!

Golf Team
Regional Champions; Silver Medal at City Championships

This all boys team, consisting of predominantly grade nine students, shows a lot of promise!

Junior Girls’ Basketball – Tier One
Regional Champions; City Champions! A first ever at Leaside High School!

Senior Girls Volleyball – Tier Two
Regional Champions

Cross Country –
Senior Girls and Boys Regional Champs, Combined overall City Champs, Girls Overall City Champs.

Senior Boys’ Basketball –
The Senior Boys’ Basketball team competed in the Tier One league for the first time and played competitively, finishing seventh overall and second in the AAA division.

The boys advanced to an OFSAA qualifier against David and Mary Thompson and were defeated in an exciting well-played game. Congratulations to the entire team for an outstanding season. Thanks to coach, RJ Galo for his dedication and time!

Ski Team
Ten athletes qualified for OFSAA. The senior girls brought home bronze!

Congratulations to all the athletes and their coaches for another exceptional season!


For the past two days, 10 of our 38 skiers were representing Leaside at the Ontario High School Championships in Collingwood. Battling difficult conditions, our level 2 girls podiumed with a bronze medal finish.

An incredible accomplishment! Congratulations to all our athletes, coaches and volunteers for an incredible season.

The Leaside Concert Band
received a silver commendation at the Ontario Band Festival on Tuesday, February 10. The adjudicators commended their "small but mighty" sound and talented individual playing. Thank you to the band members for their dedication and hard work and to Ms. Simmons for leadership!

The swim team competed at the Regional Championships on Monday, February 9 at the Etobicoke Olympium. Two swimmers received gold and silver medals for their performances, and a third had several top-5 finishes. Seven swimmers in total had excellent races and qualified for City Championships which will take place on Tuesday, February 17.

Thanks to the student coaches, for their dedication and hard work, and to Ms. Simmons and Mr. Qin for helping with practices.

At Wednesday's City Championships, the ski team conquered the hill and had great results. Both level 1 and 2 girls placed second in their divisions, qualifying them for OFSAA. One of our individual boys' competitor qualified for OFSAA as well. All the skiers worked hard and represented Leaside very well!

Congratulations to all our students - our athletes and band members, their coaches, staff advisors and parent volunteers for an outstanding week

Ski Team

After their second race on Tuesday, Leaside’s alpine ski team is ready to rock for the city championships next Wednesday.

The Level 1 Girls had a third place finish January 15th and first place finish on Tuesday.
The Level 1 Boys had second and third place team finishes.
The Level 2 Boys, our dynamic duo racing as individuals, had a great 5th place finish on Tuesday.
Leaside’s Level 2 Girls’ team, determined to return to OFSAA, put in an amazing second place finish in the slalom and fourth place in the giant slalom.

Thank you to our coach, Alf Scharlach, to Michelle Bailey, our lead parent volunteer and to the many other parent volunteers for their tremendous support and coaching of the ski team.

Good luck in the city championships next week. Go Leaside!

Leaside Robotics Lancebotics
The Robotics Teams Lancebotics Team A and B competed at the York VEX Qualifying on Saturday, December 13. It was a long day for both teams, 12 hours, a total of 17 matches combined. The teams worked and played hard with team 200B placing 22nd while team 200A advanced all the way to the finals. The competition was fierce in the final match of the competition but Lancebotics A prevailed with a score of 52-47. Congratulations to both teams on hard fought battles throughout the day. Lancebotics A earned the 2014-2015 York Region VEX Tournament Championship. They will move on to compete in the Ontario Provincial VEX Robotics Championships at the end of February.

Congratulations to the Leaside Robotics Teams Lancebotics A and B for their outstanding performance on Saturday Nov 29 at the Toronto VEX Qualifying event. Team 200A were quarterfinalists and team 200B placed 14th out of 69 teams at Woburn CI. Both teams were also nominated for design awards. Congratulations to both teams on their achievements. The next competition will be in two weeks in Newmarket. We wish Lancebotics A and B best of luck.

Charity Week 2014

Congratulations to the entire school community for the support during Charity Week and the Shoebox Project. This year’s Student Council Charity Week activities raised $6,312.72 towards Covenant House.

ACT Shoebox Campaign 2014
ACT’s annual Shoebox campaign surpassed its goal of filling more than last year’s 50 shoeboxes. This year’s drive filled 70 shoeboxes that were distributed to women’s shelters. Thank you for sharing your generous spirit with those in need just before the holidays.

Congratulations to the Junior Girls’ Tier 1 Basketball Team this week on their win against Northern and as the recipients of the TDSSAA South Region Champions for 2014-2015!

TDSSAA City Champions 2014/2015
• Overall Girls’ Cross Country
• Overall Combined Cross Country
Congratulations to all the athletes and their coaches for the passion and determination.
Good luck at OFSAA!

Congratulations to the Boys’ Golf Team as TDSSAA Regional Champions.

On Mon. June 2, the Girls' Fastpitch Team went on a mission to win its 5th straight City Championship. The team won their semi-final game against York Mills and went on to face a tough Northern team. Northern took an early lead with aggressive base running. However, stellar pitching kept Northern from generating much offense. Meanwhile, Leaside's bats came alive and we scored 9 runs to go onto win by a final score of 9-6.
Congratulations to the athletes and their coaches for an exceptionally successful season - wear your medals proud!

This week Leaside High School competed in a number of 2013/2014 TDSSAA South Region Championships.

• Senior Boys' Track & Field team, TDSSAA South Region Champions

• Senior Girls' Softball team, TDSSAA South Region Champions

• Senior Girls' Slo Pitch team, TDSSAA South Region Champions

Congratulations to all our athletes and their coaches


The Toronto French Contest was open to grade 11 and 12 students studying French as a second language. All secondary schools in the City of Toronto as well as in the Peel, Durham and York regions were
invited to enter their top students from Core French as well as Immersion and Extended French. The contest which consisted of both a written and oral component tested the contestants' listening, reading, creative writing, oral and grammar skills.

A grade 12 graduating student from Leaside placed first in the Immersion/Extended French category. At
the awards ceremony held on May 28, 2014 at Glendon campus, York University, the students was awarded a York University Entrance Scholarship valued at $3000 as well as a cheque for $350.
Leaside was presented with a trophy to be held at the school for one year.



On Wednesday May 14, 2014, The Leaside High School Archery team competed at the Ontario High School Invitational Archery Tournament.
Our Girls' team came in first in the standard class, with our Archers individually placing first, fourth, seventh, and twentieth.
Our Boys' team also had an impressive day; they secured fifth place as a team, with our archers individually placing sixth, twenty-third, twenty-eighth, and thirty-second.
Congratulations to all our athletes and their coach Michael Griffin.

Ayanna Badali, a grade 12 student at Leaside competed at the National Canadian Age Class Championships in Prince George, B.C. in March where she won three gold and two silver medals in five speed skating races!
Please refer to the attached ‘Town Crier’ article which highlights Ayanna’s accomplishments. (in the weekly e-mail parent communication )
Congratulations to Ayanna on her success

Emily van den Akker, a grade 12 student at Leaside returned from The Senior World Synchronized Skating Championships in Italy this past weekend where she represented Canada placing second in the world!
The event will be televised on CBC television this Saturday, April 12 at 4:00 p.m.
Congratulations to Emily on her success. Dreams do come true!

Congratulations to the ski team on an amazing performance at the city finals on Wednesday. The level 1 girls' team finished 3rd in the giant slalom. The level 1 boys' team finished 3rd overall. The level 2 boys' team also finished 3rd overall and one of our level 2 skiers has qualified as the top individual for OFSAA. The level 2 girls' team also qualified for OFSAA. Way to go team!

The Leaside Band participated in the Ontario Concert Band Festival on Monday, February 10 in Markham. They played very well, many of them acting as soloists on their parts, and were commended by the judges for their professionalism, musicality, and passion.

The Leaside Swim Team participated in the South Region finals on Tuesday, February 11 and Wednesday, February 12 at Riverdale CI. The team had 15 top finishes from senior swimmers and two fifth place finishes from one of our junior swimmers who competed against senior swimmers in the Open category. The Senior Men's 200m Freestyle relay team placed fifth in a field of over twenty teams. A senior swimmer had an outstanding meet, placing sixth in the 50m freestyle, third in the 100m freestyle and first in the 100m backstroke, advancing to City finals on February 19.
Congratulations to all our athletes, musicians, their coaches, and staff advisors.

Thank you and congratulations to all our athletes and their coaches on a successful Fall Season, some of which have ended and some with teams moving into the playoffs:
Football, Jr. & Sr. – Jim Georgiadis and Mark Chambers (Csaba Vegh & James Roseborough, community coaches)
X-Country – Helen Panayiotou and Lisa Slaven on their wonderful x-country results. Eighteen athletes competed at OFSAA in Sudbury last week.
Field Hockey (girls) – Mary Morrison and Sara Jones (Susan Smith, community coach) An excellent season with Tier I and II field hockey. Both teams made it to the semi-finals.
Tennis – Elizabeth Crisostomo - The Tier II Tennis Regional Champs!
Girls Basketball, Jr.& Sr. – Patrick Keeves & Sonya Ugarkovic (Geoff Collins, community coach) Both teams are TDSSAA South Region Champions!
Rugby, Tier I & II (girls) – Vanessa Mo
Rugby, Jr. & Sr. (boys) – Alf Scharlach
Alf Scharlach not only coached but also covered the boys' tournament league during the season.
Weight Room – Drew Tse
Drew Tse supervises the weight room after school with a large group of students.
Table Tennis – Chi Ho
Intramurals – Sara Jones and LAA organized activities over the lunch hour for students.

TDSSAA Championships
Congratulations are extended to all the athletes and their coaches for the TDSSAA Championships this week.
Eighteen of our cross-country athletes qualified for OFSAA in Sudbury next week


On Wednesday the cross country team had a great race in Durham Forest. A Leaside student stole the show coming in first place and leading the Junior Boys to a second place victory.
The Senior Boys came in second and the Senior Girls came in fourth.
Congratulations to all the athletes and their coaches!

Congratulations to Cathy Lansdowne as one of the 10 inaugural inductees into the Leaside Sports Hall of Fame.
Mrs. Lansdowne "represented Ontario as a speed skater in the first Canada Winter Games in Saskatoon in 1971, winning two gold medals and a bronze. She represented Canada at the 1972 Winter Olympics in Sapporo, Japan and has been a physical education teacher at Leaside where she has coached a number of sports and has been a significant influence on the lives of two generations of young women."
The inductees will be honoured at a ceremony on Nov. 29 in the William Lea Room at Leaside Gardens.
Congratulations to Cathy Lansdowne and all the inductees.

• The girls' tennis team placed first in their division.
Next steps – playoff matches within the division.

• The junior and senior boys' football teams put forth a valiant effort on Thursday against Lawrence Park.

• The cross-country team competed in their first competitive meet on Thursday. The senior girls came in third while both the senior boys and the junior boys won their race.

"Try not. Do... or do not. There is no try"

Master Yoda

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