Athletic Policy

Students attending Leaside High School are eligible to participate in intramural leagues as well as extra-curricular athletic teams or clubs.  Students must have a Student Activity Card to be eligible to participate in all school athletics.  Students may not change teams/sports mid-season.

Students participating on athletic teams must adhere to the Toronto District Secondary School Athletic Association (TDSSAA) constitution, playing regulations, Code of Conduct and eligibility requirements prior to participating and must fill out the necessary participation, eligibility and medical forms prior to trying out for a team.  These forms are available from the Coach or the Phys. Ed. Office.  Transfer forms should be filled out at the beginning of the school year in order to meet TDSSAA deadlines.

Athletes participating on any athletic team will have the opportunity to attend the Annual Athletic Banquet and support the Leaside Athletic Association.

Leaside Athletic Code of Conduct
  1. Playing on a Leaside team is a privilege not a right.
  2. All Leaside High School athletes must remember that their actions before, during and after athletic competition reflect not only themselves but their teammates, coach and school.
  3. All athletes are expected to demonstrate respect to their peers, opponents, coaches, spectators and referees.
  4. Athletes are expected to be a positive influence on their team and appropriate behaviour is expected at all times.
  5. Athletes are excused at the time of dismissal indicated by their coach as posted on the weekly bulletin.  Athletes abusing their dismissal time will be suspended from participating.
  6. Athletes must respect all the equipment and return their uniform upon completion of the season.
  7. Athletes are to respect any phys.ed. classes or other practices/games occurring prior or during any athletic competition.  Athletes are not to interfere with other classes or activities during competition.
  8. Athletes participating on teams have a responsibility to their teammates and coaches and must be at all games/practices on time.
  9. Athletes who quit a team once the season has begun may not be permitted to participate on any athletic teams for the next season.  The same rule also applies for students (with the discretion of the administration) who have been removed for academic, disciplinary or attendance reasons.
  10. Athletes have the opportunity to attend study hall during lunch hours.
Academic and Attendance Eligibility
  1. Academically, a student must have a minimum of 60% average and passing a minimum of two credits per semester.
  2. Athletes who do not meet the Leaside Academic Policy or minimum average will be granted a probationary period.  The athlete will be provided with the opportunity to tryout for the team BUT should the athlete be selected for the team, he/she will be required to attend Study Hall while on probation for a minimum of two weeks.
  3. Regular attendance is mandatory in all classes and teachers must be notified of any absence prior to the athletic competition.  The school curriculum and classes are a priority.  Students who participate in athletics are expected to participate in all aspects of their classes, including Phys. Ed. classes, on the day of any athletic competition.
  4. Missed tests or assignments due the day of an athletic competition must be done prior to the event or negotiated with the teacher.
  5. On the day of any game or competition, students must be in attendance in all classes up to the dismissal time.  Skipping classes or abusing the dismissal time will result in suspension from the team.


Skipping class    - first offence – warning
                        - second offence – 1 game suspension
                        - third offence – suspension from team

Missed Tests or Assignments

Disruptive Behaviour

Academic Ineligibility