Dropping/Changing Courses and Transcript Disclosure

Guidance Counselors or Administrators are the only ones who can approve the dropping of a course.  Requests for timetable changes must meet the criteria listed on the timetable change form.  A course may not be dropped if it means the student would become part time, unless the student qualifies to be part time. 

Students can make a request to drop a course by completing the appropriate form up until five days after the first report card is issued and, if approved, the report card mark will not appear on the permanent transcript. 

After that date a W for "withdrew from course" will appear on the transcript along with the student's percent grade at the time of the withdrawal.  Students are expected to complete a course for which they have a passing grade.  The final date for making a request to drop a course is four weeks prior to the first day of exams in each semester.

Credits earned at Private Schools will be identified as such on the OUAC application form.