Student Activity Fee / Card Rationale

Research shows that there is a high correlation between student involvement in extra-curricular life of the school and student achievement and enjoyment of secondary school.  As well, there is a great deal of competition for students entering colleges and universities and these institutions as well as employers are placing more and more importance on the student who has been highly involved in all aspects of school leadership and school life.  We wish to encourage students to become involved in our many co-curricular programs so that they have a wide range of enjoyable experiences in high school. 

In order to provide these experiences, we are requesting that each student pay a fee of $50.00 to be collected when timetables are picked up.  Students may pay by cash or cheque made out to Leaside High School.  When students pay their fee, they will receive their photo-identification card, the Student Agenda, the yearbook (later in the year) and the opportunity to access all student activities/teams and groups/clubs for the school year.  In designing the card and requesting a $50.00 activity fee we have these objectives in mind:

Safety – It is important that Leaside remain the safe school it is.  We need to be able to distinguish legitimate Leaside students from trespassers who might endanger the safety and security of our students.  Upon request, all students must be able to identify themselves to school staff by presenting a photo ID card which they will be required to carry at all times in the school.

Library Books and Materials – An individualized photo identification card entitles students to take out library books and materials.  Because of rising costs related to unreturned books, students must have a card to take any materials out of the library.

Admission to Athletic Activitity – For reasons related to safety and security student spectators can be admitted to athletic activities only with a Student Identification Card.

Personal Development – We want to encourage students to become involved in enrichment, leadership and social activities, which contribute to a well-rounded education.  As mentioned above, employers, colleges and universities now require that students show evidence of active involvement in school and community activities.  The $50.00 fee helps to provide a budget for funding leadership councils, clubs, sports, teams, conferences, and special interest groups.

Agenda Booklet – The Leaside student agenda costs the school over $7.00 per student.  We believe that this is a necessary planning tool for developing good habits of organization and time management.  The agenda also includes the Code of Student Behaviour, attendance and evaluation policies, consequences for plagiarism, requirements for dropping courses, and many other items of information.  A careful review of this document early in the year by both parents and students has the positive effect of establishing an understanding of the expectations we have for our students.

Special Events and Assemblies – Special student events such as the Grad Formal, annual Lawn Party, conferences, student recognition events, assembly speakers and dramatic presentations are valuable experiences for students and all require some additional funding.

Yearbook – The cost of selling the yearbook in the traditional manner would be over $50.00.  Because of our ability to mass-produce, the cost is much less and every student receives the yearbook as part of the package.