What To Do If...

...You Notice Something/Someone Suspicous  -  Report your suspicion immediately to a staff member who will deal with the situation.

...You Believe You Have Been A Victim Of Human Rights Discrimination Or Harassment  -  See a Guidance counselor or Vice-Principal who will assist with your concern.  It is a policy of the TDSB that students should not have to suffer harassment from anyone.

...You Want To Make A P.A. Announcement  -  Write the announcement clearly on the appropriate form provided in the Main Office. The announcement must be signed by your staff advisor and handed into the Main Office by 8:00 on the day it is to be read. 

...You Want To Start A New Club  -  Get interested students together; find a staff member to sponsor you; apply to the Student Council for a charter.  All students participating in extra-curricular activities must have a Student Activity Card.

...You Lose Or Find Something Valuable  -    Report immediately to the student counter in the Main Office.

...You Are Injured At School  -  Tell a teacher and the main office. Parents/Guardians will be notified, and if necessary, and if necessary, arrangements made to travel to the emergency room.


Violence Is Never Okay!

NO ONE deserves to be a victim of violence.  Violence can happen with ANYONE you know.