Leaside Chronicle

Staff Advisor: Lynne Wood

Meeting Days: As needed to plan and publish

Senior Editors: Claire Green, Grace McCreary, and Laura Simmonds
Junior Editors: Maya Aharon, Samantha Jen, Lubna Kapadia and Aalaya Milne,

Who can join? Anyone who wants to contribute can contribute to the Chronicle. Make sure to be at information meetings for information about how to submit your articles!

What the Chronicle does: We are Leaside's student-run newspaper and act as the student voice. Each school year we come out with 4-5 issues, each being 20 pages long. We are dedicated to publishing current news going on at school, from sports, arts and entertainment to politics, world issues and life in general. We also encourage our writers to submit anything that interests them, they have participated in, or whatever is on their mind to be frank. The Chronicle does not exclude or discriminate against any ideas or opinions; all we ask for is that students use their creative juices to write articles and share their thoughts with the rest of Leaside.

Contact the Chronicle: leasidechronicle@yahoo.ca