Leaside Radio/Radio Club

Staff Advisor: Andrea Parise and Drew Tse

Meeting Days: As needed. A schedule is distributed to those part of Leaside Radio

Student Leader: William Chinnery

Who can join? Students in Grades 9 - 12 must apply at the beginning of the year before reading the morning announcements. If you are a good speaker, listen to the morning announcements for application information.

What Leaside Radio/Radio Club does: Radio Club is responsible for bringing students Leaside Radio and the morning announcements. We choose the songs that Leaside students hear 10 minutes before the first bell. After Leaside Radio, the morning announcements are read by students who participate in Radio Club.

Want to have a song played? There are 3 different ways Leaside students can suggest a song to be played on Leaside Radio. Email us at lhs.radioclub@gmail.com, tweet us on twitter @LeasideRadio or facebook us at http://www.facebook.com/leasideradio. Please make sure all suggestions are appropriate for the school environment. We do vet each song carefully to make sure it is appropriate.