Website Club

An older version of the Leaside High School Website


The Leaside Website Team is responsible for updating and maintaining the school's website.

The current members of this team are:

Team Leader:
Staff Advisor: Vincent Lu

In 2007, the Semester 1 class of TGJ2O1 were given 2 weeks to create the school's 200 page website from scratch. These students did an exceptional job in the time allotted, and should be recognised for their efforts. The original design team consisted of: Jared Allen, Lindsay Burak, Suzy Cooper, Habiba Desai, Tyler English, Max Fullerton, Blandine Guillaume, Katherine Huang, Andy Huckle, Dora Kuhar, Sam Manos, Joanna Minakakis, Kyle Nangreaves, Alex Odette, Berenger Rethore, Diala Sabbah, Christopher Weller, and Ross Willett.

In 2008, Mark Furneaux started up the weekly website club, which met every Tuesday in room 209 at lunch, to work on the website. The website was immediately refaced with new rollover navigation buttons, a site search, and a new background. The format however stayed much the same.

In 2009, the website team decided that the website needed a fresh start, so the team went to work on a completely new site. This new site was built from scratch, and incorporated Web 2.0 technology along with a professional design. This new site features a multi-frame layout, with sidebar navigation. The navigation is in the form of a javascript pop-out menu, with legacy support. A javascript panel, and an accordion have been added to the front page to hold the announcements, and the upcoming events. The website has a new structure, a new icon, and new buttons. The layout of everything has been standardized across the entire website.
The website took the development team 9 months to build, and the team hopes that their hard work has paid off.

In 2010, the layout was updated moving the menu from a sidebar to a new dropdown style at the top of the pages. A new, more modern looking header was also implemented to all pages.

In 2011, the website underwent several updates to the home page and menu. The home page was rebuilt due of several problems that had been found. The header was edited to add in the school's contact information. A dramatic reduction in total file size of the site was achieved through uploading all of the physics solutions documents to the cloud. Finally, the menu was edited so that it would all fit on one line and include updated information for all school clubs and departments. Several pages were also updated with new information and images were added for each club page.

In 2016, Peter Sirna gave the website a flatter, modern look, increasing the quality of images, updating the information on each page, and fixing any errors that were apparent on the earlier version. In addition, the website directory had a significant decrease in size, as well as an organized layout for any future members of the website team.