Scholarship Awards

The following is a list of many scholarships and awards that are accessible for graduates of an Ontario, or Canadian high school who will be attending university or college in September of 2010. This is a list of scholarships that require an application. Check the websites for the schools you apply to in order to find the scholarships that applicants are automatically registered for. Many schools have entrance scholarships that are based solely on academics and do not require a separate application.

Some scholarships are based on academics, others are based on other factors such as; volunteer work/community service, leadership, religious/cultural/ethnic background. Students who meet the criteria may apply for these scholarship/awards regardless of which university they choose to attend.

Certain scholarships are particular to a specific university or college. In order to be eligible for these scholarships students must attend that particular institution. These scholarships are identified here by an * next to the scholarship name.

There are other scholarships to be found through community organizations, your parents’ place of business, athletic associations etc. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!

Helpful Websites:

**Some of THIS YEAR’S DEADLINES are not yet available. In these cases the chart will indicate LAST YEAR’S DEADLINE. Usually the deadline dates do not change greatly from year to year; HOWEVER; if you are interested in that particular scholarship you should check the website for updates.**

The following pages have lots of information.

Student Scholarship Guide (not currently available)

Scoring Scholarships - How to Create a Fantastic Application