code of conduct

Ledbury Park School Code of Conduct 2016-17

Our Commitment:

Ledbury Park is committed to providing a healthy learning and working environment by promoting respect, civility, safety, responsible citizenship and academic excellence. A positive school climate exists when all members of the school community feel safe, included and accepted and actively promote positive behaviours and interactions. Equity, inclusion and respect are critical components embedded in the learning environment.

The Ledbury Park Code of Conduct is developed in accordance with the Education Act, the Provincial Code of Conduct, the Toronto District School Board Code of conduct and procedures. The Ledbury Park Code of Conduct also reflects the values and expectations of the school Ledbury Park community.

The standards of behavior outlined in the Ledbury School Code of Conduct shall apply to all members of the school community, including students, parents and guardians, Board staff, permit holders, volunteers and visitors:

Standards of Behaviour

All members of the school community are expected to:

Attendance and Late Policies

Parents and/or Guardians are asked to call the school (416) 395-5350 to notify us of a student's absence before 9am on the day they are absent.
Students will be on time for classes and will attend classes regularly. Students are responsible for work missed due to absence. Students who skip classes or repeatedly arrive late may receive consequences based on the principles of progressive discipline and in accordance with Operational Procedure PR697 Promoting a Positive School Climate.

Ledbury Park Appropriate Dress Policy


The Appropriate Dress Policy of Ledbury Park reflects the mission of the school to provide a learning environment that is safe, nurturing, positive and respectful. The Policy reflects the school's commitment to involve parents and guardians, through the school council, in the development of plans for new education initiatives that relate to pupil achievement.

Statement of Principle

An appropriate dress policy, supported by a majority of parents, should lead to safer and more respectful learning and teaching environments. The dress policy of Ledbury Park is based on principles, such as respect, safety and diversity. In keeping with the Toronto District School Board's Equity Foundation Policy, the dress policy attempts to integrate the principles of fairness, equity and inclusion.
Inappropriate Dress at Ledbury Park includes:
(a) language and/or any representations on attire that indicates gang affiliation;
(b) attire that depicts violence, profanity, racial or gender discrimination or dis-crimination of any kind whatsoever;
(c) attire that otherwise demeans an identifiable individual or group;
(d) clothing that does not cover the torso (including the chest, stomach and mid-thigh), tank tops with thin straps (less than 7 cm in width) or clothing that does not cover undergarments;
(e) hats, caps, bandanas, sweat bands, towels and hoods worn in the school except those worn for medical or religious reasons;

School Dress Code

The Dress Code does not apply to religious, cultural or similar forms of attire. The Dress Code does not restrict, in any way, a student's right to dress in a manner that is prescribed by religious, cultural, ethnic or similar tenets and custom. The Dress Code applies to all students, staff and volunteers in Ledbury Park. Failure to comply with the dress policy may result in disciplinary consequences, up to and including suspension.

Policy Review

This Policy shall be subject to a review every three years. The school will solicit the views of students, teachers, staff, volunteers working in the school, parents and guardians, the school council and the public in its review of the Policy.

Progressive Discipline

When Students breach the code of conduct, consequences will be consistent with progressive discipline strategies. Progressive discipline is a whole-school approach that utilizes a continuum of interventions, supports, and consequences to address inappropriate student behavior and to build on strategies that promote positive behaviours. When inappropriate behavior occurs, disciplinary measures should be applied within a framework that shifts the focus from one that is solely punitive to one that is both corrective and supportive. Schools should utilize a range of interventions, supports, and consequences that include learning opportunities for reinforcing positive behaviour while helping students to make good choices.

Interventions (in no particular order) may include:

Student breaches of the Board's Code of Conduct and Ledbury Park's Code of Conduct will be dealt with in accordance with Operational Procedure PR697: Promoting a Positive School Climate.


The behaviours for which a principal may consider suspending a student include:


The behaviours for which a principal will consider recommending to a Committee of the Board that a student be expelled include:

Personal Portable Electronic Devices

The use of personal portable electronic communication devices in the building is strictly prohibited, unless specifically authorized by a staff member during a partcular period. Any student caught using such a device will be required to turn it in to the office, and a parent will be required to pick up the device from the office staff.