Students receive specialist instruction in music once or twice a week. In addition to regular classes, special events are held at various times in the year that feature the efforts of music students.

primary grades

Students in the primary grades are learning the basics of performing as a member of a group, and developing a sense of pitch and rhythm. Age-appropriate songs reinforce these concepts, as well as the elements of music. Students also begin to distinguish musical sounds from one another, as well as determine how those sounds fit together to make a particular piece of music. They create their own groups of rhythms, and experiment with changing musical sounds to evaulate their effect.

junior grades

Junior students are continuing to develop vocal skills, and work on an increase in the complexity of music they perform. Two-part singing is introduced, and students use their knowledge of musical notation to create short pieces of their own. Lisenting skills are enhanced through the study of music from other cultures.

intermediate grades

Students in Grades 7 and 8 are participating in multi-faceted music program this year, beginning with instruction in musical notation. It will continue with rhythm and other instruments as the year progresses.

musical events

Many of our students will participate in one of two performances scheduled for this year. We are also working towards a musical production that will take place later in the year.