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Art Club

We are Art Club, where all artists (both new and experienced) come together to meet and share ideas. Come and let your imagination express itself.

We meet on Thursdays at lunch in room 208.

Staff Sponsor(s): Mr. Matthews

Best Buddies - Malvern Chapter

This group is composed of Malvern students who serve as "Best Buddies" to those who face ability challenges. Through this program, participating Malvern students develop ability awareness training as well as leadership skills. The group goes on a field trip to Danforth Tech. every other month.

Staff Sponsor(s): Ms MacNeil

See our page!

Book Club

We read great books and discuss them as an inclusive community. All are welcome to join!

We meet on Friday once a month in room 206.

Staff Sponsor(s): Mr. Patterson


Brick-by-Brick is a club focused on aiding our community and other places in need to help them flourish. Get involved in our fun events as a Malvern volunteer who helps make our school and planet a better place.

We meet Thursdays at lunch in room 308.

Staff Sponsor(s): Ms Dawe


Staff Sponsor(s): Mr. Do

See our page!

Chess Club

Concert Band - Jr.

Staff Sponsor(s): Mr. Falla

Concert Band - Sr.

Staff Sponsor(s): Mr. Falla

Concert Choir

Malvern's Concert Choir meets on Wednesdays at lunch in room 302.

CrossFit Red & Black

CrossFit Red & Black is the first school-based CrossFit affiliate in the Toronto District School Board. Our goal is to improve the health of our members through fitness and nutrition education that is rooted in science. At its core CrossFit is a broad, inclusive, and general fitness program designed to improve the work capacity of participants, preparing them for the unknown and unknowable. Our specialty is not specializing. Through the use of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity, participants are taught how to move safely while being active. Scores on workouts are recorded as real, measured data for evidence of improved fitness. As our members learn to improve their general fitness, a community also develops that arises from camaraderie and competition. This community and sense of belonging encourages participants to constantly expand what they can do. Why do we do CrossFit? It's simple - to make ourselves better.

Staff Sponsor(s): Mr. Shopman

Dance Band - Jr.

Staff Sponsor(s): Mr. Falla

Dance Band - Sr.

Staff Sponsor(s): Mr. Falla

Debate Team

The debate team competes with schools from across Ontario on various current events. Join us to learn how to debate to and participate in our trips.

We meet Tuesdays at lunch in room 209.

Staff Sponsor(s): Ms Maharaj


Staff Sponsor(s): Mr. Falla

Film Club

This club screens a variety of films on social justice topics, such as 'shorts', 'director's commentaries' and music/concert docs. Come out, watch our films and learn about current issues using a variety of film mediums.

We meet on the last Monday of each month in room 109.

Staff Sponsor(s): Ms Parmar

Girls' Choir

Staff Sponsor(s): Ms Norris

Girls' Fitness Club

The Girls' Fitness Club provides opportunities for girls to learn how to use the fitness equipment in a safe, non-competitive, girls-only environment. All activities are optional, and once you have signed up and returned the permission & medical forms, you may attend on a drop-in basis. (Note: Those already enrolled in Phys. Ed. do not need to complete the forms above.)

We meet Tuesdays and Fridays at lunch in the Fitness Room.

Staff Sponsor(s): Ms Prato, Ms Tsukada

Jazz Choir

Malvern's Jazz Choir meets in room 302 on Wednesdays after school.

Staff Sponsor(s): Ms Norris

Jazz Combo

Staff Sponsor(s): Mr. Falla, Ms Norris

Knitting Club

The club's purpose is to learn and share knitting skills as well as produce scarfs, socks, hats and other pieces of clothes to help people in need in the Toronto area keep warm during the winter months.

We meet Wednesdays at lunch in room 310.

Staff Sponsor(s): Ms Schuster, Ms Geddes

Marching Band

Staff Sponsor(s): Mr. Falla

Math Club

This club features volunteer senior students who mentor and tutor junior students in math. The club also allows all volunteers and participants the opportunity to practice together in preparation for provincial math contests.

We meet at lunch and acter school. Ask your math teacher for details.

This club features volunteer senior students who mentor and tutor junior students in math. The club also allows all volunteers and participants the opportunity to practice together in preparation for provincial math contest.

Staff Sponsor(s): Ms Barsby, Ms Parmar


QSA stands for Queer Straight Alliance.

MSASS is the sassiest club at Malvern! We plan fun events and challenge homophobia and gender-based discrimination, all while eating snacks at the same time.

We meet Fridays at lunches in 202.

Staff Sponsor(s): Ms Kurucz

Reach for the Top

Reach for the Top is a team quiz program (like Jeopardy, but teams) where teams of 4 high school students compete against other teams of 4 on topics including history, science, math, english, philosophy, sports, movies, and current events. Competition is local, followed by regional, provincial and national.

We meet Mondays in Room 304 at lunch.

Staff Sponsor(s): Ms Haskings-Winner

String Ensemble

Staff Sponsor(s): Mr. Falla

Students Ending the Stigma

We are committed students who volunteer to help end the stigma around mental health by discussing it together in a friendly and welcoming space. We help to develop events to address common mental health issues that Malvernites face.

We are open to all students! We meet Tuesdays at lunch in room 109.

Staff Sponsor(s): Ms Parmar

Support Our Soldiers and Veterans (SOS Vets)

Support our Soldiers & Veterans is made up of students and teachers who support Canadian soldiers overseas and veterans who have come home. SOS Vets raises and spreads awareness about ongoing conflicts abroad and at home involving our soldiers and veterans, as well as issues such as homelessness and PTSD. We also fundraise and support local organisations who aid these causes. 

We meet Fridays at lunch in room 304.

Staff Sponsor(s): Ms Haskings-Winner

Vinyl Cafe

Wednesday's at lunch in Room 208.

Staff Sponsor(s): Mr. Matthews

Young Women's Empowerment Group

We are a group that aims to empower ourselves and each other, as well as those in our global community. We focus on planning fun events and raising awareness of issues of equality and the modern feminist movement. We're open to all students who self-identify as female.

We meet on Wednesdays at lunch in room 305.


Staff Sponsor(s): Ms Tsukada, Ms Prato, Ms Graham


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