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Students, return your textbooks!

Students, the textbooks that you still have were loaned to you for the year. They are not yours forever...

Please return all textbooks right away so that we might have enough for next year's classes.

Are you coming to Mark Check Day (morning of Friday, June 22)? What a good chance to return your books! Put them by your front door now!

If you are not at school on June 22, please drop off any books you have at the Attendance Office as soon as possible.

Thank you!!

ATTENTION!!!! Graduating Class of 2017 - 2018!

1.  Please complete your Future Plans after Malvern CI.  It will be read at Commencement which is on Thurs June 28 @ 1 pm.  (You must be logged into your TDSB Gmail account.)

2.  Commencement guest tickets (2 per student) for the auditorium can be picked up in the Main Office.  Other guests are welcomed in the gym where the event will be live-streamed.

3.  Save the files you want from your Home and Google Drives.  You can: email them to yourself, copy them to a USB stick, share your TDSB Google files with your own personal Gmail, download the files, etc.  Check your TDSB email for a message from Peter Singh, Executive Officer of IT Services on how to download your Google Drive content using Google Takeout.

Student Council Election Results!

Malvern CI's 2018-2019 Student Council


President:             Lily McDonald

Vice President:      Benton Kennedy

Secretary:            Elise Kaartinen

Treasurer:            James White

Social Convenor:   Lucas Arender

External Affairs:    Jacob Northfield

Spirit Leader:       Georgia Valentyne

Gr 12 Rep:           Bella Patterson

Gr 11 Rep:           Morgan Clarke-Crapper

Gr 10 Rep:           Fabienne de Cartier & Eric Liu

Malvern CI Celebrates Art, Technology and Music!

COME AND SEE  the amazing work that Malvern students have created over the past year in Visual Arts, Media Arts and Design and Technology : paintings, sculptures, drawings, masks, digital photography, animation, drag racers, iPod speakers and so much more!!

COME AND HEAR the amazing work of our Senior Vocal and Instrumental Music students.

This year’s creative showcase will include displays of several kinds in the cafeteria accompanied by live performances by the Music Department’s Senior students.

As in past shows, the evening will also include a feature exhibition of independent studio projects by the graduating grade 12 Art class – always an exciting highlight!

Plus, as a special focus presentation, there will be a display of prints by students in the grade nine Expressions in Aboriginal Cultures art course. The prints illustrate Canadian Aboriginal social and political concerns that students learned about in the course and, along with their related write ups, will certainly leave a lasting impact on our viewers.

The show runs from 3:15 till 8:30 PM and will have displays in the Cafeteria and in the first floor front hall.

Musical performances will take place in the caf. in a series of sets scheduled between 3:45 and approximately 6:30.

The students at Malvern are very talented and they have so much to show you through their Art, Technology, Design and Music. So, support your students and come out to see this spectacular exhibition!


Click here to see the flyer.

Boardwalk BBQ - Sat June 2 @ 5pm

Click here to see the flyer.

Malvern Save the Pool

During the 2009/2010 school year, the viability of swimming pools across the Toronto District School Board came in to question. Many school communities scrambled to work with the Board and the City of Toronto, in order to "Save the Pools". At Malvern CI, a fundraising campaign was established through an arm's length charitable organization, Onward Malvern Foundation (OMF), to raise enough funds to keep the pool opened.

In September 2009, $25.00 of the $75.00 school registration fee collected from students was allocated to the "Save the Pools" fundraising campaign. The total amount collected was $23,475.00. Of this amount, $7,000.00 was used to purchase pool accessories such as lane ropes and buoys. The balance of $16,475.00 was then transferred to a GIC on July 8, 2010. As of February 28, 2018, the balance of the GIC is $17,614.99.

The outcome of the "Save the Pools" campaign was successful and there are no future concerns that the school pools will be in jeopardy of closing. Since July, 2010, the GIC has been rolling over year after year, and at the same time, the Ministry's Fundraising Guidelines have changed and restrictions put in place as to how the funds can be used. Fundraising dollars may no longer be applied towards facility renewal, maintenance or upgrades that are funded through provincial grants. Therefore, a decision has been made to redeem the GIC in consultation with the Malvern CI School Council and to utilize the funds according to Malvern CI's School Improvement Plan.

Specifically, the funds will be used to equip a newly retrofitted workout room for students and this will address the wellness foci of the School Improvement Plan. As well, resources will be purchased and guest speakers recruited to initiate culturally responsive and relevant pedagogy, thereby addressing the achievement foci. Finally, all students will participate in learning, designed to create a culture of equity across the school community and at the same time examine barriers to student success. This work will align with the school's equity foci.

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to the above, please contact, Principal Bernadette Shaw at or 416-393-1480.


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