Malvern Collegiate Institute


Post-Secondary Seminars at Malvern

Seminars take place in the fall. For more details on these events, please contact the Guidance Office and listen to the Tackler.


Questions to Help Prepare Students for Post-Secondary School Seminars:

  1. Where is your institution located?
  2. What programs does your institution offer?
  3. What are your strongest programs?
  4. Do you offer co-op programs? In which areas?
  5. What are your admission requirements?
  6. What are the deadlines for application and scholarship?
  7. What are the values of the scholarships you award?
  8. What criteria are considered in the scholarship process?
  9. Are any scholarships guaranteed for a specified standing?
  10. Do you have a campus tour program? How does it work?
  11. Do you have an Open House or Summer Orientation? What do these events offer new students?
  12. What is the cost of attending?
  13. What are the sources of funding that I should investigate?
  14. How do I know what classes to take?
  15. What on-campus housing is available? How do I apply?
  16. Is residence guaranteed?
  17. What rules govern on-campus housing?
  18. Is off-campus housing available?
  19. What extra-curricular activities are available – how do I sign up?
  20. How do I get an on-campus job?
  21. Can I transfer to (from) your institution after first year?
  22. Can I change programs without restriction within your institution?
  23. What services are available on campus?
  24. How big is the library? Will I be expected to find things on my own?
  25. Where will my classes be located?
  26. What are the sizes of first-year classes?
  27. Is there a place where I can get academic assistance?
  28. What services does the institution provide with respect to computers, the Internet and software?
  29. How can I get more information?
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