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Is your teen moody, often sick, have troubles waking, disengaged, in need of positive summer experiences? We hope the following sites can answer some of your questions and offer helpful advice. Also, remember that Malvern has a social worker who is available to talk to your teen. If you are worried that your teen is depressed, having trouble socially, or may have an eating disorder, please call the school and ask for an appointment with the social worker. It is often easier for your teen to talk to someone outside the family.

Homework Help and Organizational Skills

KidsHealth: Helping Your Teen with Homework Tips On Getting Your Teen To Do Their Homework... and Keeping Your Sanity

Open Directory Project: Homework Help

Study Guides and Strategies: Time Management, etc.

Virginia Tech: Where Does the Time Go?

Study Skill Checklist

Khan Academy

Homework Help (Math grades 7 to 10)

Sleep habits

National Sleep Foundation: Teens and Sleep

CBC Health: Sleep Habits

Healthy Sleep: Sleep and Disease Risk

Monitor on Psychology: Sleep Deprivation may be Undermining Teen Health

Discipline Tips on Curfews for Teens Discipline: Logical & Natural Consequences Building Self-Esteem in Teens

Parenting Teens: Helping Your Preteens through Puberty


Adolescence Substance Abuse Knowledge Base: Club Drugs

Canadian Living: Teens and drugs: What you need to know
From ecstasy to heroin, a parents' field guide to what's out there

Centre for addiction and mental health: How to Keep your Teen Off Drugs

Eating disorders

TeensHealth: Eating Disorders

Eating Disorder program


Enough is Enough: Internet Safety 101

MSN Chat Slang

Clear Traffic: Keeping kids safe - checking where they've been on the Internet Canada's national tipline for reporting the online sexual exploitation of children

Listening to each other

Public Health Agency of Canada: Life through a Teenager's Eyes


Teen Depression: Welcome to Teen Depression

Health Central : Would you recognize teen depression?

Extra-curricular adventures, jobs and camps

Tall Ships: Adventures, Toronto Brigantine

Canadian Heritage: Exchanges Canada

Youth Volunteer-Service Program: Katimavik


Service travel to developing nations: Me to We

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