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Major changes for MGCI
Specialist High Skills Major Program

The SHSM program is under going some major changes and new teachers coming on board. We will be updating everyone as the program comes together and will be meeting with students and parents who have any questions on the major changes to the program.

Coming Events

College Courses: College and University trips will be starting next semester.

Service Excellence: is on Wednesday December 7th, 2016. Anyone interested please come into the Tech office and get signed up.

Facebook: if you are not on the (MGCI) SHSM Facebook as a friend you will be missing the updates on meetings, events and trips. So don't miss anything and become a friend on our SHSM Facebook.

First Aid and CPR: Any student who had payed for another Winterfest event and is now doing the First Aid and CPR please see Mr. Welch to get a refund. PLEASE, remember SHSM students do not pay for this course only the NON SHSM students PAY.

• Meeting for G9 on what is new.
THANK YOU to all the students who came and participated on
Thursday November 17, 2016.

• Meeting for G10
THANK YOU to all the students who came and participated on
Wednesday November 16, 2016.

Both G9 and G10 SHSM students will be introducing the new teachers, how the program is changing and any questions students may have. The SHSM passport will be reviewed and will be handed out to any student who does not have a passport.
The meeting will start at lunch and will finish at the end of period 4.
There will be a lunch for the SHSM students.

• Bulletin Board Club (BBC) & MultiMedia Club:
- Any students interested in communittee hours and creating interesting pieces for their portfolio... come in any even day at lunch in room 112 and discover what the club is all about.

• Skills Canada Club:
- We will be having meetings twice a month... dates will be coming soon.

OC of A&D
E-Mail Problem: If you change your e-mail address, please let Mr. Welch know at mrwelch@rogers.com.