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Canadian & World Studies Department



Grade 9 and Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12

Canadian and World Studies,
CGC 1P, Grade 9, Applied Level

Canadian and World Studies, 
CGC 1D, Grade 9, Academic Level

Canadian History in the Twentieth Century,
CHC 2P Grade 10, Applied Level

Canadian History in the Twentieth Century,
CHC 2D, Grade 10, Academic Level 

Canadian History in the 20th Century, CHC2L, Grade 10, Locally Developed

CHV 20 Grade 10, Open Level

Physical Geography : Patterns, Processes, and Interactions, University / College Preparation, CGF3M

Travel and Tourism : A Regional Geographic Perspective, Open, CGG3O

American History, University Preparation, CHA3U

World History to the Sixteenth Century, University/College Preparation, CHW3M

World History Since 1900: Global and Regional Perspectives, Open, CHT3O

History of Africa and Peoples of African Descent, CAS331

Understanding Canadian Law, University/College Preparation, CLU3M 

Analysing Current Economic Issues, University Preparation, CIA4U

Canadian and International Law, University Preparation, CLN4U

Canadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis, University Preparation, CGW4U

World Geography: Human Patterns and Interactions, University Preparation, CGU4U

World Geography : Urban Patterns and Interactions, College Preparation, CGU4C

World History : The West and the World, University Preparation, CHY4U

World History : The West and the World, College Preparation, CHY4C



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