BANNER: North Albion Collegiate Institute.  2580 Kipling Ave., Etobicoke, On., M9V 3B2, 416-394-7550

PICTURE: Cougar Logo

PICTURE: NACI's Front Door


We would like to give you an official warm welcome from Student Council.  Welcome!

You may have heard of us from many teachers, students, as well as the announcements and other advertising techniques we use to promote ourselves. What we mainly do is plan events for the student body to either to raise money for the school or organized programs. Our events have ncluded: Samosa Sale, Bake Sale, Halloween Loonie Jam, Mid-Winter’s Dream (semi formal), the Winter Break Assembly and many more.

Our group consists of 18 students who diligently do their best to please the student body. They stay late after school, come in early and work hard to provide the student body with successful and fun events.