The King Student Safety Report is an anonymous way for RH King students to tell someone about personal or school safety concerns. You can submit an online report without anyone finding out who you are.

Find all the student Virtual Library resources you know and love. Sort resources by grade level, subject & resource type. Find links to some of the most popular resources.

The King Student Safety Report is an anonymous way for RH King students to tell someone about personal or school safety concerns. You can submit an online report without anyone finding out who you are.

Find all the student Virtual Library resources you know and love. Sort resources by grade level, subject & resource type. Find links to some of the most popular resources.
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Principal's Pic It is a great honour that I serve as Principal of R.H. King Academy. With a very engaged student leadership cadre involved in our 20 Councils that support our hundreds of well-run school clubs and athletics, every student is given an opportunity to be involved in school life. This is a direct result of the great support of their parent/guardian volunteers and school staff.

R.H. King Academy has served the community for 93 years and has a strong tradition of academic excellence. We have strong links with both the local community and the City of Toronto with activities such as "Arts on The Road" and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) partnerships.

Many of our students continue their studies at the post-secondary level and our graduates return each year to share stories of how staff at R.H. King Academy has provided them a great foundation for success beyond our school. Our students take great pride in continuing the traditions of being a "Lion" in fulfilling the R.H. King Mission of "Caring, Striving and Serving."

I welcome parents/guardians to join our School Council that meets monthly throughout the year. Please see our School Year Calendar for meeting dates.

I trust that our website will provide direction to your queries and if you cannot find the answers here then feel free to call our school and we'll try our best to help you.

David Rowan

Vice Principals

Andaluza Nagy
Armand Van-Bochove
"Our mission is to enable all students to achieve their full potential through a well-rounded education, structured by the R.H. King Academy concepts and guided by a commitment to the core values of caring, striving and serving"
The R.H. King Tradition

Principal's Pic
     In 1919 a Board of Trustees was appointed to establish the first high school, named Scarborough High School, in the southern portion of the township of Scarborough. Seven acres were purchased from the Pherrill estate for $14,000 and on June 29, 1922 the cornerstone was laid for the new building. The school was not ready until November but classes began on September 6 in Birch Cliff Congregational Church, with classics specialist, Reginald H. King (to the left), as Principal, three other teachers, and 116 Students

     In January, 1930, the school became Scarborough Collegiate and by 1932 a new addition was needed to accomodate the growing student population. Scarborough Collegiate Institute students faced the Depression years and World War II in 1939, a war that claimed sixty-two lives of students on active service.

     In 1952, a new addition put an end to overcrowding and the school was re-named R.H. King Collegiate. More building in 1976 gave R.H. King students the existing facilities. The new concept of R.H. King Academy was established in 1989.


The compulsory Academy uniform is designed to give students a sense of collective identity, which eliminates cultural and economic distinctions.  The uniform package reflects our unique school image, as well as a standard of grooming and dress appropriate for the learning environment and future employment.

Students in any part of the school building, out of school classes, programs, public occasions or on excursions must be in full King uniform at all times. Students are advised to sew name labels on the inside of their clothing.

All uniform pieces must come from our supplier, R. J. McCarthy Ltd.  The supplier has been granted the exclusive right to use the name and logo of the school. The school does not guarantee the quality of the uniforms supplied nor does it assume any responsibility for the delivery of any items ordered from the supplier.


R.J. McCarthy Ltd.

12 Trojan Gate, Scarborough  M1B 3V8
Phone: 416-593-6900      Toll-free: 1-800-668-8261
Fax: 416-593-6229   On line:

Jackets must be removed immediately upon entering the school and must be stored in the student's locker.

Head coverings worn for religious reasons must be solid: grey, navy, black or white.  All other head coverings must be removed immediately upon entering the building.

Excessive jewelry, large pendants, contrasting belts, sashes or other forms of adornment are not to be worn.

Uniforms are to be clean and in good repair at all times and must fit properly. Oversized or undersized pieces are not acceptable.  No part of the uniform is to be DISTORTED from the intended design.  Therefore, the rolling up of skirt waistbands and the hems of pants, shorts and capris is prohibited.

Uniform infractions are regarded as a serious disregard for the contractual requirements of the Academy.  Students with uniform infractions that cannot be remedied will not be allowed in class.  Repeated infractions will result in a suspension with parent notification.




King Coordinates

King Dress Pants or Box Pleat Skirt- grey

  • Pants must be worn at the waist
  • King skirt lengths are preset by McCarthy's and must be worn as purchased.
  • There must be NO visible undergarments at any time.

King Shirts  - Polo - white or navy
          - Oxford-white, blue, or white/grey pinstripe
          - King pullover sweater, vest or cardigan -navy

  • King Oxford shirts must be buttoned at all times
  • Only a SOLID grey, navy, black, or white undershirt can be worn under the regular King shirts and must be tucked in.  Only the outermost layer can be worn untucked. No writing, designs, or hoods are permitted.
  • A King shirt must be worn under a King navy vest or pullover and must be tucked in. 

Optional Clothing Items
- King long sleeve zip polo shirt- white or navy              
- King Blazer
- King dress shorts-navy              
- King Capri pants (female) - navy

  • King shorts and capri pants may only be worn during the months of September, October, April, May and June.
  • Students who are active members of Leadership Councils may wear their blue crew neck leadership sweatshirt as part of their R. H. King uniform.

Athletic Wear - Physical Education Classes

  • King T-shirt - white or blue
  • King shorts - unisex boxer - navy or King sweat pants - navy
  • White sport socks and running shoes
  • Athletic wear for gym classes and team uniforms cannot be worn in place of the regular school uniform.

Accessories - Shoes

  • Leather, vinyl, running shoes, sandals or ankle boots - must be totally black including laces, soles and logos.  Shoes must be worn within the building at all times. Students are not to carry extra shoes or boots with them. They should be stored in their locker.
  • Foam flip-flops are not permitted for safety reasons.

Socks / Hosiery / Leggings - solid grey, navy, black, or white (no designs)

Long sleeve oxford cloth shirt

Short sleeve oxford cloth shirt

Long sleeve girl's embroidered golf shirt

Long sleeve boy's embroided gold shirt

Short sleeve girl's embroided golf shirt

Short sleeve boy's embroided golf shirt

White embroidered T-shirt -athletic attire only

Navy unisex jersey knit embroided shorts - ahtletic attire only

Navy unisex mesh embroided shorts - athletic attire only

Zip polo sweatshirt - embroidered

Full zip fitted cardigan sweater - embroidered

Full buttoned fitted cardigan sweater - embroidered








School Council Wiki

PRIVATE WEBSITE: For the parents and guardians of students attending R.H. King Academy, we offer a private collaboration website with detailed information and online collaboration opportunities designed just for them.

TRANSLATIONS: Every webpage provides the option to translate the text into over 60 different languages in a fraction of a second, including Bengali, Chinese, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, and Urdu.

- Agendas - topics of past and future meetings
- Colleges and Universities - post-secondary institutions and scholarships
- Council Members- contacts and roles
- Diversity -inspiring examples of leadership in Canada and around the world
- Donations- what the school needs
- Fundraising -TDSB guidance
- Glossary - full expansion of acronyms and explanation of TDSB jargon
- Minutes - records of meetings, decisions and action team projects
- News Flash - latest news from the school
- Orientation - a complete online copy of the student agenda
- Parent Satisfaction - results of annual surveys
- Parenting - guidance on raising teens
- Partners -information on suppliers and supporting organizations
- School Calendar - periodically updated list of events and special dates
- School Safety - helpful information on public safety in and around the school
- ... and more!

HOW TO JOIN (choose 1):

1. Sign up at the Grade 8 information session in August by agreeing to be contacted by email.
2. Sign up at any School Council Meeting
3. Send an email “Requesting School Council Wiki Access” to
4. Go to to enroll. Create a username that identifies who you are to the school, not a nickname. Then request access to the R.H. King Academy School Council Wiki.


After you have joined and had your access approved, launch the following URL:

Clinic Period

Clinics are designed to provide opportunities to help students on an individual basis.  Students are encouraged to plan what they need to accomplish during each clinic period.  Opportunities exist in the following areas: Independent Learning
Independent study is a major component of the curriculum in every course with particular emphasis at the senior level.

Tutoring - Remedial & Enrichment

  • with teachers on a one-to-one basis      
  • peer tutoring
  • work with enrichment materials/projects                                   
  • preparation for academic teams and/or contests

Workshops may include:

  • individual and group guidance 
  • career counselling
  • post secondary and workplace information
  • special activities in specific subject areas
  • motivational activities may be presented by community members, corporate representatives or staff members


  • you must book appointments in advance in your planner
  • move quickly and quietly to your appointment
  • only students with appointments will be allowed to leave class and they will remain at the appointment location for the remainder of the period
  • staff may use planners to get information for reporting, discussion with parents and letters of reference

King Reads
At the end of the clinic period each day King Students read for personal or academic purposes.


Participation in the school's weekly mentor program provides a practical forum for students to assume a leadership role in the school as well as directing the course of their own academic learning and personal/professional development.  Specifically, the school's weekly Mentor Program provides students with opportunities to develop:
  • a sense of personal well being
  • a relationship with a teacher assigned to act as a listener, coach and mentor
  • effective skills in decision making, time management and reflective learning
  • leadership skills required to ensure a learning environment that is healthy/safe
  • requisite life-long learning skills to foster academic success, leading to independent learning
  • interests relevant to completing community involvement requirements, co-curricular involvement as well as career planning/option selection
  • a sense of community as well as an understanding of social responsibilities
  • a direct link with the Student Services Department


Mentor Framework and Organization

Mentor periods are scheduled on Wednesdays from   10:00 - 10:55 a.m. where students collaborate to organize and facilitate a meeting that develops academic ability as well as leadership potential and learning strategies.  The ability to become an effective independent learner is the intended outcome for all senior students at R. H. King.


R.H. King Academy
Specialized Leadership Pathway Program

                  The Leadership pathway offers an opportunity for students to develop their leadership potential in all areas of school and community life. Students assume ownership for their leadership development in that they must take the initiative to become involved in a variety of in-school, feeder school and community leadership opportunities. The Leadership Pathway is a four year program that begins in grade 9.


  • Student require an extra 25 hours of community involvement hours
  • Students are blocked into core subjects: English, Physical Education, Civic and Careers and History
  • Special Mentor Groups
  • Completion of Grade 11 Leadership Course
  • Attend Guest Speaker Sessions and Workshops
  • Leadership Activity Passport

Examples of program's Contextualized Learning Activities

Grade 9 English

  • Analysis of Canadian heroes and examination of their leadership qualities
  • Short stories
  • Leadership styles and strengths

    Grade 9 Physical Education

  • Health Fair
  • CPR Training
  • Tournament Organizational Skills
  • Fitness Blasts

    Examples of Guest Speaker Sessions (Past and Present)

    • Jennifer O'Connell - Pickering City Councilor – Importance of a Mentor
    • Michael Malcolm - Principal - King Graduate - 21st Century Leadership
    • Dave Conlon - Canadian Association of Student Activity Advisors – Leadership 101
    • Katie Grey and Cynthia Shipley - Manager/Supervisor of Marketing and Communications at the
    • Toronto Zoo - Marketing and Communication Techniques
    • Mark Nunn - Project Management
    • Iva Khun - Doctor - The Soft Skills of Leadership
    • Cecile Peterkins - Career Coach & E-Author - Careers
    • Steve “Dangle” Glynn - Nike and Toronto Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment Blog Developer/Post Game Analysis – Networking
    • Mary Beth Challoner - Success: On and off the Field


    Examples of Workshops

    • Centre for Leadership and Education Training (University of Toronto) - Group Dynamics
    • Richard Clarke – Recreation and Leadership teacher at Georgian College - Facilitation Workshops
    • Dynamix
    • Colin Holbrow - Your Inner Drive
    • Youth University at Brock

    Excursions Offered

    • Leadership Development Day (Grade 9)
    • Ottawa (Grade 10)
    • Bluffers Park Activity Day
    • Youth Leadership Camps Canada (Grade 11)
    • Diversity In Action Workshop (Variety Village)

  • Leadership: Arts and Culture Pathway

    Developing leadership skills through experiential arts education

    The Leadership: Arts and Culture Pathway (L:AC) provides enriched opportunities to develop leadership skills while, at the same time, offering instruction in a wide variety of disciplines within arts and culture.

    Feed your spirit and fuel your life by pursuing a career
    that you can be passionate about!

    Prepare yourself for the future by developing the leadership skills
    to succeed in any setting!


    What is the Leadership: Arts and Culture Pathway?

    This program is an opportunity to differentiate your education by combining skill building and experiences in leadership through experiential instruction in the arts and business. Supplementing the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum, students take a bundle of courses in the arts, business and experiential learning that allow them the opportunity to develop and enhance the skills and experiences needed to become leaders.

    Is this a Performing Arts Program?

    You can focus on the performing arts (drama, dance, music) but you can choose to study some of our other arts options: film production, media studies, visual arts, media arts, communications technology, technical theatre production, technological design, and arts management.

    What Does it Mean to Be a Leader?

    True leadership enables a team to achieve something greater than any one individual can achieve on their own.  Leaders demonstrate and foster...

    •  Creativity...innovating and envisioning a new future
    •  Communication skills...getting the message across
    •  Teamwork...putting aside personal aspirations to empower a team to achieve a goal
    •  Critical analysis...identifying and using strengths within a group to move towards a goal

    Leadership skills are developed in many ways within the L:AC Pathway:
    • L:AC Focus Courses: Leadership issues and skills are explored and developed in the L:AC courses in Gr  9 (Mentor, English and Exploring Technology) andGr 10 (Mentor, History and Civics/Careers)
    • Dance: Creating and leading choreography for peers and the community hones creativity and communication skills
    • Drama: An emphasis on small group and project based creation develops creative thinking, teamwork and communication skills
    • Music: Conducting and performing opportunities with small and large ensembles develop analysis and communication skills
    • Visual Arts: Project based activities describing and creating culture develops skills in creativity, communication and analysis
    • Video Production: Project planning and management within a production team to develop short films from concept to product
    • Tech: Individual accountability within a larger project to design and create or fabricate digital and physical media
    • Arts Leadership Councils/Clubs: Project-based experiences develop creativity, cooperation and planning
    • Volunteering: Students tailor placements to strengthen their skills while giving back to the community

    Through the arts, students develop leadership skills to turn their imagination into reality, whether it be with paint, body language, a trumpet, movement, wood, their voice, a computer or the proverbial pen and paper.


    Specialization within Leadership: Arts and Culture

    In their senior years, students choose one of the two areas of focus:

    Arts Management

    Using curriculum taken from Business, Arts and English, students explore the ideas, innovations and opportunities presented by Toronto's vibrant cultural sector.  This hands-on course offers opportunities to develop skills from project planning to partnership development, strategic communications and fundraising.  This course offers students with an interest in the arts and a talent for organization a unique window on an industry that is an essential part of Toronto's international reputation.

    Technical Theatre Production

    This course focuses on Theatrical Set Design and Construction.  Students design and create the sets, props, sound effects and lighting for the school musical, then extend their skills as they become the crew for the musical production in the roles of Stage manager, Lighting/Spotlight Operator, Sound Mixer, Wireless Microphone Management, Stage Hand and Projectionist.  Students move from theoretical understandings to experiential learning in a real life setting.



     What Will I Get Out of the L:AC Pathway?
    In addition to a curriculum enriched with skill building in the arts and leadership:           

    • Upon graduation, students will receive a Certificate indicating completion of the Leadership: Arts and Culture Pathway
    • The courses completed through the L:AC Pathway fulfill most of the requirements for the Specialist High Skills Major in Arts and Culture (SHaSAM), a second Arts program at R.H. King Academy designed to allow specialization in the Arts at the high school level. L:AC students can also complete SHaSAM by taking 3 additional credits and 6 Certifications (training sessions by visiting guest artists)
    • Graduates from SHaSAM will also receive certificates for each completed Arts and Culture related Certification, and an OSSD Diploma that includes an Ontario Ministry of Education seal indicating their successful completion of the Specialist High Skills Major in Arts and Culture
    • Ultimately, this pathway will prepare students to be future leaders in Arts and Culture


    What are the L:AC Pathway Requirements?
    Students in the Leadership: Arts and Culture Pathway are required to:

    • Volunteer 100 hours: at least 25 of these hours must be related to Arts and Culture
    • Participation councils and clubs at R.H. King Academy, totalling 15 points, 7 of which must be related to the Arts
    • Complete mandatory Leadership: Arts and Culture courses, including:
      • Gr 9: 1 Arts course (drama/music/visual art) AND Exploring Technology (TIJ) AND English for L:AC
      • Gr 10: History for L:AC AND Civics/Careers for L:AC AND 1 Arts course
      • Gr 11/12: 2 Arts courses; AND either Theatre Production or Arts Management
    • Required activities for Leadership: Arts and Culture students will include but not be limited to: workshops, guest speakers, excursions and other leadership endeavours
    • Attend "Leadership Development Day", a full day excursion to explore leadership skills in early October of Grade 9 (fee involved)
    • Exhibit exemplary behaviour that embodies the core values of the R. H. King Academy Leadership Pathways, including maintaining academic success

     Who Can Apply?
    The Leadership: Arts and Culture Pathway is open to students entering Grade 9 with a background and/or interest in Arts and Culture.  Both "in area" and "out of area" students will be considered.  This is a non-auditioned arts program, but students should be able to demonstrate past experiences in both the arts and leadership.

    Criteria for Acceptance into the L:AC Pathway
    Acceptance into the Leadership: Arts and Culture Pathway is based on our school's motto:  "We Care, We Strive, We Serve".  R. H. King Academy staff will review all applications and select finalists for an interview based upon the criteria below:

    • "We Care" focuses on leadership in Arts and Culture activities
    • "We Strive" focuses on academic proficiency as well as experiences in, and exposure to, Arts and Culture
    • "We Serve" focuses on community and school involvement, especially experiences related to Arts and Culture


    Application Timeline
    The application process occurs every November.  More details, and the application form, will be posted on the R.H. King Academy website in November.


    Contact Us!
    If you have any questions about the Leadership: Arts and Culture Pathway, please contact R.H. King Academy at 416-396-5550.

     * L:AC = Leadership Arts and Culture Pathway


    Please read through the applications carefully.

    Application Checklist:

    Please ensure your application includes all of the following:

    Completed Application Form, signed by both student and parent in the space provided
    Photocopy of Grade 7 Final Report Card (June)
    Photocopy of Grade 8 Interim Report Card
    "Out of Area" students only: Optional Attendance Form signed by your elementary school principal

    Thank you for your interest in the Leadership Pathway at R.H. King Academy. The Leadership Pathway is a four year program that begins in Grade 9, and offers an opportunity for students to develop their leadership potential in all areas of school and community life.

    There are 2 streams of the Leadership Pathway to which you can apply:

    1) Future Leaders - Leadership development through any subject area (sciences, phys-ed, languages, business, technology, etc)
    2) Leadership: Arts and Culture - Leadership development through the arts

    You can download the application forms below.

    Leadership: Arts and Culture Pathway Application
    Leadership Pathway Application
    Optional Attendance


    As a member of the R. H. King Academy Leadership Pathway, it is expected that you be committed to our core values of: "We Care, We Strive, We Serve". Our Leadership pathway offers you an opportunity to develop your leadership potential in all areas of school and community life. It is important that all Leadership students assume ownership for their leadership development in that they must take the initiative to get involved in a variety of in-school, elementary family of school, and community leadership opportunities. Your leadership involvement and growth will be monitored throughout the year by your mentor teacher who will track and comment on your leadership initiatives. Upon being accepted to R.H. King Academy’s Leadership Pathway, you signed a contract to which these virtues hold. The contracts are below for your reference.

    Future Leaders Contract (.pdf)
    Leadership: Arts Culture Contract(.pdf)


    CISCO Networking Academy
    CISCO Networking Academy

    Empowering the Internet Generation

    The Cisco Network Academy is an innovative education initiative that delivers ICT skills to improve career and eonomic opportunities around the world.

    R.H. King is an authorized CISCO Networking Academy in the TDSB that delivers the CISCO Exploration curriculum. This is a comprehensive learning program offered through online courses, interactive tools, and lab activities to prepare individuals for ICT and networking careers in virtually every type of industry.

    Who is CISCO for?

    1. Students who are looking forward to a career in IT (Information Technology)
    2. Students who want their ICTC certification through the FIT (Focus in IT) program
    3. Students who want a better opportunity for employment in a growing industry
    4. Students who want a professional certification (CCENT or CCNA)

    CISCO Certification

    The CISCO certfication is an industry standard certification offered by Colleges and Universities. By taking CISCO training at the high school level students gain a jumpstart to a career in IT.

    What will you learn?

    There are four CISCO semesters which are squeezed into 2 high school semesters. To obtain your CCNA (CISCO Certified Networking Associate) certification, you need to complete all four CISCO Semesters. When all four CISCO Semesters are completed, students will be eligible to write the CCNA Final Exam. Students also have the choice of completing two semester of CISCO to receive their CCENT cerfication.

    For CCENT cerfication (TEN3M)

    1. Semester I Networking Fundamentals
    2. Semester II Routing and Switching

    For CCNA certifcation (TEN3M and TEN4M)

    1. Semester I Networking Fundamentals
    2. Semester II Routing and Switching
    3. Semester III LAN Switching and Wireless Routing
    4. Semester IV Accessing the WAN
    Job opportunities CISCO Networking Academy
    Documents & Updates

    Newsletter - November 16, 2016
    Uniform Requirements - Complete description of the compulsory uniform requirements for the current school year.
    School Calendar - School calendar for the current year. Includes special days, breaks, schools events, etc...
    Timetable - Timetable, assembly day schedule, staff meeting or late start schedule.
    Exam Rules - General rules and procedures for examinations and summative assessments.
    Grade 9 Course Info - Course options for students entering grade 9.
    Why choose R.H. King Academy? - A comprehensive guide describing R.H. King Academy's features.
    Homework Tips - Tips for helping students with homework
    Wellness Week

    R.H. King's Values
    Having a more balanced and healthy schedule supports King values and initiatives such as mindfulness, academics, strength based resilience, mental health education and the idea that "we care, we strive, we serve"

    The Model
    A one week break in November and an earlier start to the school year.

    Perceived Benefits of Altered Model
    Increase student engagement and well-being Reduce stress between term 1 and Term 2 of the first semester Readjustment time for grade 9 students transitioning to high school Additional opportunity to complete community hours Reduce the impact of stress on students overall in hopes of promoting academic success. Gives students a chance to recharge their batteries

    Student's Perspective
    Secondary School is more demanding than Elementary school. You have four subjects everyday. November is a stressful time as that is when mid-terms come out. Assignments are due, tests etc. King is a great school to get involved with councils, clubs & teams. You would feel more motivated when you return after recharging yourself with a break.

  • Grade 9's = Give you a chance ease the transition into high school.
  • Grade 10 = Gives you a break between Civics/Careers classes which are half credits.
  • Grade 11 & 12's = November break would give you an excellent chance to visit universities and work on scholarships and work on applications.

    All these would ideally benefit your grades and help you be more competitive student applying for University/College

    Homework Policy
    The TDSB Policy P036 Section 3.9 states that:
    "No homework shall be assigned on scheduled holidays as outlined in the school year calendar or on days of significance." Students may use this time to review or reach ahead, but the objective of this week is for a break from the rigours of school. There will be a three day moratorium on Assignments/Tests following this week to ensure students are not stressed on what will await their return to school.
  • School Phone
    Phone: 416-396-5550
    FAX: 416-396-5591

    • The east parking lot is designated for both staff and students (students need to apply for a parking permit in the main office)
    • West and Central Parking Lots are designated for staff only.

    Student drop-off and pick-up
    The student drop off and pick-up zone is at the entrance west of the parking lot ramp and in front of the main school entrance facing St. Clair Avenue.

    3800 St. Clair Avenue East
    Scarborough, Ontario
    M1M 1V3

    R.H. King Music Department

    No matter which music course you take, you will learn the language of music through reading and writing music, beginner keyboard skills, conducting, and listening analysis. Practical studio experience learning Finale will introduce you to the software that allows you to write and arrange your own music using the software used by professional musicians everywhere. You will also develop your skills in leadership, negotiation, communication and self-expression through student-directed small ensemble rehearsals and performances.
    (Gr 9-12) - Let your voice be heard! Develop your creativity and communication skills in this course that helps you learn to give riveting performances in both solo and choral singing while you learn about, and perform, music from a wide variety of styles including pop, jazz, musical theatre and classical music. Life should be a crescendo.

    Musical Theatre
    (Gr 11-12) - So you think you can dance/sing/act? If you said "yes" to any of these, then join the Musical Theatre class and you will develop skills in all 3 areas, and get a once in a lifetime opportunity to perform in a large scale high school musical. Recent musicals include, Footloose, Fame, Grease, Seussical, This course has the power to transform you!

    (Gr 9-12) - Have you got the music in you? Let it out on your flute, sax or trumpet, as you develop your instrumental skills and feed your inner musician as part of a musical team, playing our way through the best of pop, jazz, R&B, and the great works of concert band and classical repertoire. Strike up the Band!

    (Gr 9-12) - Violins aren't just for Vivaldi. You will deepen your skills on the violin, viola, cello or bass as we explore repertoire from Beethoven to Adele to Bond, James Bond. It's an orchestra thing.
    (Band and Strings, Gr 10-12) - This class becomes the performing ensemble at RH King for assemblies and special events. Develop skills in sight reading, teamwork and gain performance experience as you sight read and work songs from a variety of genres including marches, classical music, concert band repertoire and pop.

    (Gr 10-12) - From the stylings of Ed Sheeran to the Foo Fighters, join the Gr 10 beginner guitar class to learn the basics of guitar, from picking to power chords to help you get your groove on!
    Why Take Music?
    • Music courses count as 1 of the 6 credits required for university
    • A background in music can SET YOU APART from all the other university applicants with a 87.4% average... you are also a musician!
    • Studying music develops higher level skills, including creativity, problem-solving, the ability to communicate in different ways, self-discipline, tolerance and critical thinking
    • And did we mention... it's a lot of fun!
    Grade 9 Registration 2017-2018

    Applications are closed for the year.
    Paying for school items just got easier!
    School Cash Online is an easy to use and safe way to pay for your children's school fees. learn more or visit site.
    we care,
         we strive,
               we serve
    Our mission is to enable all students to achieve their full potential through a well-rounded education,

    In 1919 a Board of Trustees was appointed to establish the first high school, named Scarborough High School, in the southern portion of the township of Scarborough.

    Our STEM departments have new 3D printers!!!
    by S. Hogan
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