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Rose Avenue Public School is a downtown inner-city school located in the centre of St.
James Town. The school celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1984. Our student population is drawn from the 22 apartment towers which surround our school within a city block that is reputed to be the most densely populated in Canada.

  • The school serves a student population of over 900. More than 74% of the students have English as their second language, representing about 50 language groups. Half of the families of this school came from other countries in recent years - many from Sri Lanka, and an increasing number from Eastern European, Asian and African countries.
  • The school offers Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 programs.
  • Rose Avenue School has a large child care centre and a parenting centre. It also shares its facilities with a community centre run by the Toronto Parks and Recreation Department.
  • The School team was recently trained in the TDSB's School Improvement Process.
  • Our School Plan supports the TDSB's mandate of providing a strong literacy focus and
    a safe and nurturing environment for our students.
  • Our school Mission Statement continues to foster our guiding principles of REACHING OUT/ REACHING IN and LEARNING TOGETHER.

School Focus For This School Year

In light of the diversity of our community of learners, Rose Avenue Public School puts a strong emphasis on:

  • language acquisition and development of literacy and numeracy skills
  • programs focusing on responsibility, social skills, independence and self-esteem
  • critical thinking, problem solving, life-long learning and equitable practices
  • integrated and meaningful curriculum expectations and related field trips
  • fostering collaborative grade team planning and professional development
  • providing a safe and nurturing learning environment
  • expanding Safe School initiatives to meet community needs
  • fostering collaborative parent and community partnerships
  • expanding before and after school opportunities, including computer, chess, homework, storytellers, leadership and yearbook clubs
  • offering a range of co-/ extra-curricular sports activities and school teams including cross-country, running, basketball, soccer, track and field and house leagues

Our Students (as of spring 2002)

  • Total number of students: 953

    Junior Kindergarten -Grade 3 - 682
    Grade 4 -Grade 6 - 271

  • Gender:
    Female - 479 (50%)
    Male - 474 (50%)
  • Primary language other than English: 699 (76%*)
  • Students born outside of Canada:
    Students living in Canada for 2 years or less - 158 (17%)
    Students living in Canada for 3 -5 years 121 (13%)

* Calculation does not include students for whom language information is missing.

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