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The School Board provides:

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB), in partnership with students, parents, teachers and all our communities, is committed to taking responsibility for continuous improvement of schools.
This is achieved through:

  • Relevant Curriculum
  • Equity
  • Accountability
Regular Instructional Programs:
  • Languages -English, English as a Second Language, and French
  • Mathematics, Science and Technology
  • Arts -Music, Visual Arts, Drama and Dance
  • Social Studies, Health and Physical Education
Special Education Programs

A variety of special education programs and services are offered to meet the
needs of all students, including students with exceptionalities, such as behavioral, communication, intellectual, physical and multiple learning
disabilities. Students' exceptionalities are identified through a formal review process undertaken by an Identification, Placement and Review Committee

Our School Also Offers


  • Balanced Literacy Program (includes all necessary language components)
  • Book Fair( s)
  • Borrow-a-book Program
  • Developmental Reading Assessment
  • First Steps: Oral language, Writing
  • Guided Reading
  • Parent Information Nights: literacy
  • Reading Buddies (with students from other grades)
  • Remedial support from Resource Teachers
  • Storytellers Club
  • Visiting authors

English as a Second Language(ESL)/English Literacy Development (ELD)

  • ESL Resource Program
  • ESL support
  • Intake assessment procedure
  • Orientation program( s)
  • Reception class
  • Student Ambassadors

Other Languages and Cultural Studies

  • International Language classes

Mathematics, Science and Technology

  • Math / Science Investigations
  • Environmental committee
  • School recycling program
  • Science kits
  • Computer classes
  • School website
  • Remedial support from Resource Teachers

Arts Programs/Activities

  • Integrated arts: dance/ movement, drama
  • Music: Orff, choir( s), concerts/ performances, full-time teacher, recorder
  • Interest groups/ clubs: choir( s)
  • Specialist teacher( s): music
  • Visual and performing Artists in the School
  • Partners in Drama

Social Skills and Leadership programs

  • Anti-bullying program
  • Awards: awards assemblies
  • Conflict resolution program
  • Leadership program
  • Problem Solvers program

Equity Initiatives

  • Anti-racist education
  • Diversity celebrations
  • Equity committee
  • Inclusive curriculum/ resources

Learning Centre/Library Resources

  • Computers in the library
  • Library Partners in Action
  • Student helpers: library

Safe School Programs

  • Buddy system
  • Code of Behaviour
  • Peaceful playground
  • Safe Arrival Program
  • Safety Committee
  • School Safety Plan

Food and Nutrition Programs/ Lunchtime Activities

  • Lunch program
  • Snack program

Additional Specialized Supports

  • Local School Team
  • Special Education Resource Program
  • Psychology, Social Work and Speech/ Language


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