: Introduction
A vibrant non-semestered school in the heart of the city, Rosedale Heights School of the Arts provides its students an opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the new millennium, through high academic standards and an emphasis on the arts.

At Rosedale we believe in fostering the growth of the individual student, to create a vision for the future that is based on humanistic concern, and therefore ensure a balance of perspectives in our society.

We provide a warm, friendly environment that prides itself on inclusiveness and community involvement.

: Why Rosedale?
Rosedale provides its students excellence in academic achievement as well as the opportunity to develop their skills in the performing or visual arts. Students are welcomed to a warm, friendly learning environment by staff and fellow students. Rosedale provides a wide range of courses in the arts, traditional academics, business and technology; see: Rosedale Courses. A high percentage of graduating students are admitted to a university or community college of their choice, many receiving scholarships.

Housed in one of the most versatile and attractive secondary schools in Toronto, our facilities include state-of-the art computer and science labs, a modern resources centre, video animation equipment, modern gymnasium, dance studio and swimming pool.

Communication with parents by Teacher Advisors, subject teachers, and school administration is a priority at Rosedale. Each student receives an individualized report card four times a year. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to be involved in their student's learning through the School Council and Arts Advisory Committee.

More specific information may be found in the TDSB's school profile site.

: Mission
Our Mission is to prepare our students for university, community college, and the world of work through challenging academic programs, with an emphasis on the performing and the visual arts.

We Value:
- Each and every student
- Inclusiveness and excellence in all programs
- The uniqueness and diversity of our students
- The commitment and skills of our staff
- A learning environment that is safe, nurturing, positive, and respectful

A partnership of students, schools, family and community.

: The Rosedale Family
Rosedale draws its students from across the city, thereby reflecting the truly diverse and rich character of Toronto. Parents have an opportunity to participate in the School Council that has existed for over 8 years. The School Council membership also includes students and teachers from the school. The partnership of the three constituencies has nurtured an effective evolution of the school. Members of Council represent the school in local area and city-wide educational committees such as Ward Councils, as well as make presentations and submissions to the Board and its committees. All parents are welcome to attend monthly Council meetings.

A Parents Arts Committee (PAC) consisting of parents provides support to the teaching staff through activities such as fundraising and promotion. Many parents offer to share their knowledge and skills to enhance student learning. In addition, many parents volunteer at the school on a regular basis as teacher-aides and coaches. Speakers from the local arts and business communities complement classroom lessons.





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