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Adult E.S.L Program

The adult English as a second language program has been in operation here at Shirley St. for more than twenty years. In that time, we have worked closely with the other student communities within the school to build a strong learning environment which emphasizes life-long learning and supports the family to become integrated into the educational system and the wider society of Canada. It is a unique program where parents can study E.S.L. upstairs, while their children attend the elementary program in the same school.

Our program reflects the diversity of religious, linguistic, educational and occupational backgrounds of our students. All students are welcome to register in our program; we accept refugee claimants, convention refugees, permanent residents, Canadian citizens and individuals with special circumstances.

Information about the three classes:

There are three classes at Shirley St.; a beginner class (levels 1/2) an intermediate class (levels 3/4) and a high intermediate class (levels 5/6) according to the Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment and Evaluation System. All skill areas - listening, speaking, reading, writing and pronunciation - are covered thoroughly to allow students to practise and improve their English language skills. The program runs Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Students are tested and evaluated in all skill areas and provided with feedback on their progress. On this basis, students may be promoted from one class to another within the program.

Information about the E.S.L. Instructors:

The E.S.L. Instructors at Shirley St. have a wide range of teaching experience with children and adults in Canada and abroad - in Japan, Taiwan, Germany and Africa. In addition to teaching, they have written educational materials, curricula and instructional handbooks for the Ministry of Citizenship, the Continuing Education Department and the Equity Studies Department of the T.D.S.B. As well, they have designed, facilitated and evaluated certificate training courses for educators and supervisors. In addition, two of the instructors have worked as teachers in the elementary system; one has over 7 years experience as a coordinator and materials developer with T.D.S.B. elementary schools. The other instructor is a published author.

We are located on the third floor of Shirley St. Public School. All visitors to the school are asked to check in with the office first before visiting our E.S.L. program.