Spectrum provides lunchtime facilities and supervision so our students have a choice to go home, stay at school, or go out for lunch (with parent permission).  Spectrum is located in the Yonge/Davisville neighbourhood, which offers many great places to eat.
New Friends:
Most students who come to Spectrum know few people on the first day; however, this doesn’t last long.  Before you know it, they have forged new and exciting friendships.  New friendships and a sense of community are what makes Spectrum an exciting place to be.
Student Life
New Friends
Where Your Child Belongs  
Along with providing a comprehensive, unique and dynamic academic programme, Spectrum also offers your child a variety of extra-curricular activities that change according to season and interests of the students.  
These have included intra-mural and alternative school league sports, and clubs such as:  
sport stacking, chess, D&D, art, knitting, PJs for Preemies, musical theatre, movie-making, games and yearbook.
Grade 8 - Composers Podcasts
Click on the orchestra and listen to some of the world’s most famous composers and their music.