Economics Topics

Grade 12 Economics
IB Economics (HL/SL)
- CIA 4U7
Analyzing Current Economic Issues - CIA 4U1

 Basic Concepts
 Market Failure
 Theory of the Firm
 AD-AS Model
 Fiscal Policy
 Monetary Policy
 International Trade
 Development Issues
 Famous Economists

This page is dedicated to helping economics students organize (rather than agonize) over their study time in the most effective and efficient manner possible.  Topics covered within the grade 12 IB Economics (SL/HL) courses (CIA 4U7) and the regular academic course (CIA 4U1) are shown on the left.  The links will take you to web pages containing information that will help you review key concepts and ideas discussed in class. Some useful links to other web sites have also been included to help you further your studies and research.  In some cases, additional graphs, charts and data will be presented to supplement material covered in class.  Remember to also use the TEST YOURSELF part of the web site for on-line tests and quizzes designed to reinforce key economic concepts and ideas.

Internal Assessment - Guidelines and Links

This page will have relevant links for the Internal assessment requirements for SL and HL economics students. The requirements may also be downloaded, though this material is available in your Study Guide.  If you're looking for articles and don't know where to start, this is a great place to begin your research.

Internal Assessment - IB Economics