T E S T   Y O U R S E L F !

Many of the principles, ideas and concepts covered in the grades 11 and 12/IB economics courses (SL or HL topics) can be reviewed using your class notes and textbook while lingering questions or problems should be addressed to Mr. Messere.  However, for those of you who just can't get enough practice before the test or exam, the section below provides links to sites where you will find on-line quizzes of the content covered in both economics courses taught by Mr. Messere. (You'll be happy to know a grade is given as well)   The tests will be organized by the different economic concepts and topics examined in grades 11 and 12 (IB & pre-IB).  If you don't do well, review your notes and then see me if you are still experiencing difficulty.  Please note that some of the questions within the quizzes may cover material we did not examine in class.  You are only required to know the concepts and ideas examined during the course, not those covered in the on-line quiz.   Remember, the on-line tests are meant for assessment purposes so you can determine your readiness for an upcoming evaluation such as a quiz, test or exam.  Good luck! 

Video Resources & Power Point Review

If further review of key concepts such as the PPF model and demand/supply/elasticity are needed, check out this link which provides both interactive power-point slides and quick-time videos.  Note: Some of the resources make extensive use of algebra to explain the economic relationships discussed in class.  You are not required to know the mathematical relationships examined in the resource materials.

Further Review Resources

General Testing Systems (Macro and Microeconomics)

On-Line Testing Centres
Amos Web - Economic Testing System
- test yourself on a wide variety of macro &  micro economic topics
Grade 12 / IB-SL/
Grade 11
Economic Testing System
Essentials of Economics
- select one of the multiple choice chapter tests for a range of micro and macro topics
Grade 11/12/IB Chapter Tests (Pearson)

Introduction to Economics

Introductory Economic Concepts/Topics
Basic Economic Concepts Grade 12 / IB-SL Introductory Economic Concepts
Introduction to / Nature of Economics Grade 11/12 What is Economics?
Production Possibilities Frontier Grade 12 / IB-SL PPF

Microeconomic Self-Tests

Microeconomic Topics / Concepts 
Demand & Supply Theory/ Elasticity / Changes in Market Equilibrium IB-SL/ Grade 12/ 
Grade 11


Demand & Elasticity
Elasticity and Revenues
Demand & Supply
Demand & Supply*
Demand and Supply
Elasticity of Demand & Supply*
Cross Price Elasticity of Demand
Supply & Cost Theory Grade 12 Supply
Nature of Costs / Cost Theory IB-SL / Grade 12 Costs of the Firm*
Nature of Costs*
Market Structure & Costs  IB / Grade 12
Perfectly Competitive Markets & Cost *
Monopoly *
Market Failure IB-SL / Grade 12 Merit & Public Goods

* Enter the user name: tdsb and password: board to access these on-line tests

Macroeconomic Self-Tests

Macroeconomic Topics / Concepts
Gross Domestic Product & Growth Grade 11 / IB-SL GDP & Growth
Fiscal Policy IB-SL / Grade 11/12 Fiscal Policy
International Trade/Exchange Rates IB-SL / Grade 12 International Trade
International Trade (2)
Exchange Rates
Economic Development & Transition IB-SL Economics Development Economics
Phillips Curve - Short-run & Long-run IB-HL Economics Phillips Curve
Phillips Curve / AD-AS model / Laffer Curve IB-HL Economics AD-AS / Phillips / Laffer

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